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    This is kind of a random question but has anyone gone to a Couples resort after having weight loss surgery - specifically the Gastric Sleeve? If so, how did it work out for you? My surgery was in December, we're headed back in June so the amount of food I can eat at a time is limited to only about 4-6 ounces. Same with drinks - and carbonated drinks are off limits. I know there are plenty of healthy food options to choose from - and I know drinking will be extremely limited (boy am I going to miss Red Stripe) but I'm just wondering what others experience has been like?

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    I can answer your question! I had gastric bypass in feb 2004 and went to CSS in Oct of that year. I did have a drink now and then (yes you will get drunk quicker so make sure you don't overdo it! ). as far as food went I asked for smaller portions or kept what I didn't eat from the grill and nibbled on that. I found I need to eat little and often rather than 3 meals daily. Also the buffet worked well as well as Cassanova. Also I would ask for a smaller portion of desert ( i would just say I was full but wanted a taste if Hubby didn't want to share) but was always told not to worry about wasting it. Normally the staff is very good if you tell them you can't at a lot! In the ten years since I have been to CN and CSS 5 times and it hasn't been an issue. Enjoy your Red Stripe! also the carbonated drinks aren't very carbonated, so either a little salt or some Equal will take care of the rest of that. but I never had an issue with drinking soda there, I tend to open and let it sit or get it at the bar where it is nice and flat compared to the here in the states. You may find, that you will really enjoy the food now that you have to really choose your food rather than just order whatever sounds good. And the mineral bar is awesome for food and drink! I started drinking Cucumber water there.

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    Thanks keki60! Your insight certainly helps! What kinds of drinks did you have - the frozen drinks, mixed drinks or shots? Also, do you know if they have sugar free drinks at the Mineral Bar?

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    I had a sleeve done in march and went in late June early July. Had no problem with half an omelet or two eggs with sausage for breakfast. Ate a half a pizza for lunch, and jut ate what I could for dinner. Got a mid afternoon snack every day as well as an evening snack. I can't do any carbonation, so wine, scotch, and mixed drinks with cranberry juice were my choices. The sleeve doesn't process alcohol as quickly as the bypass. I lost 2 more pounds in the ten days I was there and didn't stop until late August. I am 6'1" and started at 277 in March, and I am at 199 now. I had a great time at CSS, and ate my way across San Francisco in December. It is all about small portions and stopping when full. If you ask at any bar what they can make without carbonation they will get creative and make special drinks just for you. I would never have thought I could go to an AI, and drop 2 pounds, but I did. I also realize that CSS is more than food and drink.

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