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    Hi all; new to Couples. We will be there February 2015. I've signed up for Couples Rewards already. Just wondering how far out can you make dinner reservations? I'm hoping to get the private island dinner for Valentine's Day 2015. Thanks for the advise.

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    Private dinners can be arranged in advance (for additional $$); however, reservations for resort restaurants can't be made until you are at the resort.

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    We'll be at CN in June this year. I made my reservation for our private dinner in April of 2013.. I wanted it on our anniversary night in the tree house, and wanted to be sure I got it. Had no problem making the reservation, just had to clarify it was for June of 2014, not 2013. However, I lost my confirmation email. So I emailed Couples this month to re-confirm. They still had the reservation, no problem, mon.

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