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    Default Looking at the forecast for next week 2-16 to 2-20 at CTI - too windy?

    Looks like 15-20 mph winds Monday thru Friday. Is that enough for a red flag? For the people who have been there multiple time is that too much wind or can we expect to get out to the island?

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    If my memory is correct, we had that same wind forecast 15 to 20 mph and were on the island every day. Yes it was windy but it was still awesome!

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    It depends on the direction of the winds, time of day, etc. Even if it's going to be a red flag day, it may be calm enough early in the morning, or later on in the afternoon to do some watersports activities, including going out to Tower Isle. Also, the watersports guys have been more willing to take people out to Tower Isle on windy/wavy days, now that they have the pontoon boat and new dock on Tower Isle. Hope you do get out there! Have a great week!

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