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    Default Dunns river falls

    Do to really bad knees I know there is no way I can climb up the falls, but we would still love to go see it. Can you still go if your not going to climb up ? Also, I have seen pics of stairs,can you climb those up? One more hope it's not to silly, if you climb up how do you get down?
    Thank you 142 days.

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    The stairs go along side the falls. When you get to the top you join your party (who climbed the falls) and leave through the vendor's village and on out to your transportation. Be prepared for quite a barrage of sales pitches from the vendors.

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    Yes, you can go to Dunn's River Falls...even if you don't climb them. Yes, there are stairs that go along the falls that can be climbed. As to how to get down after going "up the falls" (not a silly question if you've never been there), you actually climb down to the beach and then up the falls. Once at the top you walk about halfway back down. Oh by the way...there's a place about halfway up where people that don't climb can get in and wade around in the water as those that climb go past them. Have a great time!!!

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    You will need to go down quite a few steps to get to the bottom of the falls. From there you climb the Falls back up to the top. There are stairs along side of the Falls that you can climb. Depending on your knee situation, the steps may be a struggle too.

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    Thank you much for the info, Can't wait.

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    You can avoid the shopping "gauntlet" at the end if you just take a left before the shopping area, the vendors are just trying to make a living but they can be aggressive.

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    Are the steps along the falls normal steps or are they really high steps?

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    The steps are normal. Not a big deal. The wife and I looked up the falls and decided it wasn't for so walked up the stairs. Be prepared to put your war face on to deal with the vendors at the top though. VERY aggressive, much more so than at other places in Jamaica.

    Scott and June

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    The stairs are pretty mellow. I was not long out of back surgery and had no issues with them. They are staggered and stop at a few points along the way up.

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    Thanks again for the info. 139 days, Jamaica soon come.

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