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    Default Trip Protection/Love Away Plan

    Does everyone include the $180 trip protection when booking on Couples site? We are going to book with the Love Away Plan. What does the trip protection through Couples cover?

    Ya Mon
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    If I were you, I would read about it so there is no confusion on what is and what isn't covered.

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    I have always purchased it, although you might find it cheaper elsewhere.

    If you start going through the motions of booking online, select any available date for travel and search for availability. Then, select any room category an click "Next Step". You will now be on the page to purchase any extras; including trip protection. Under "trip Protection", click "More Info". The directoins will lead you to a PDF of the covererage available for your state/province.

    My opinion, you never know when you'll need the trip insurance. I did once, and I was glad I had it.
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    I always shop around on the internet for the best plan. One that covers everything with high coverage limits specially on medical. I normally pay around $225 for a 10 day trip but they have better coverage over all.

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    We do not. We usually book very early so I do not purchase trip insurance until I have locked in both airfare and lodging and I get closer to the 90 to 120 day window.
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    This past year we were delayed due to weather and missed 2 days of our trip to paradise. We filed a claim against our trip protection policy, and were reimbursed for the 2 days that we missed.

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    Shop around... Do a Google search and you will find several trip insurance companies who offer packages to meet your specific needs. The insurance offered through Couples may be good for some people, but the plan is "fixed" and your circumstances may be different than what Couple's offers. For example, you don't want to purchase insurance on top of insurance you already have (you may have a medical plan that covers you outside of the U.S., for example).

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