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    The wife and I were at CN a couple years ago and never made it to RC. We'll be back to CN in 15 days ( thank god ) and we're planning on giving it a try. Actually, we're traveling with another couple who we met that last time we were in CN. expensive is RC? How much time are we there for until we're driven back to the resort? Is it an all day adventure? How long is the transfer....blah blah get the point. Any info would be great...thanks!

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    we went to ricks a few years ago,,, if you dont plan on jumping its "over rated",, its a tourist trap ,,, transfer was free from couples,, i think we were there for maybe 3hrs. best thing was the sunset but all of negril has great sunsets,, just my 2 cents.... we are going to csa in 30 days booked the one luv pub crawl, looks like more local bars not tourist traps

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    We've gone many times and a cab from csa was 15 dollars pp rt. We just go for a couple hours to watch the sunset and have some beers. We don't spend the money on food but be prepared to tip the cliff divers a few bucks. We bring small bills and then avoid getting and having to deal with Jamaican money although some people use ja's. It's very touristy but worth seeing at least once and the gift shop has some nice things too but $$$. Have fun
    I'll add, the cab ride from csa is a good 15 minutes so add another 5 from cn.
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    We went for dinner before the hurricane wiped it out and I thought the food was better, since it is much larger now and more of a tourist destination I think that it is overpriced, especially since you get such great food and service at Couples. The drinks are expensive but it is a very unique place. A great way to see the sunset and to see drunk people jump off the cliffs and to watch the locals climb up into the trees and jump. If we are there for a week or more then we usually will go but if you are there for less than a week then I would enjoy the resort.

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    We enjoyed it but it rained the whole time so we didn't get a good sunset like we were hoping for. We just got a couple drinks (ate at the resort before) and braved the smaller cliff. They had a steel drum band when we were there which was nice. This year we are trying the One Love Bus Crawl, I'd like to see some more non-tourist places this time. I think it was a few hours total.

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    Went there in November, only because we had won the excursion. Was ok, but glad I did not pay for it. It is nice, fun to watch the divers from, and a lot of viewing areas to watch the sunsets from. Was impressed with the layout of the place. Beer was either 3 or 4 dollars and I can't comment on the food as we did not eat there. Liked the gift shop and actually found a tshirt that fit me. We did not see much of a sunset as it was cloud cover and had been raining. I would only go again if I had a couple with us that wanted to go, I would not try and talk them out of it, but I really don't plan on going back. The big thing to remember is we all are different, and it is your vacation. If you have a hankering to go there, then by all means do and enjoy it. I did enjoy the bus ride and seeing that end of the island.

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    Pub crawl sounds fun we wil be at CSA at same time

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