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    Default Cell phone rentals

    We will be on vacation for a week and our cell phones will not work there. We have heard that you can rent Jamaican cell phones. We are just looking to check in with family back home, maybe once or twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes. Has anyone had any experience with renting phones and can it be arrainged through the resort?

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    We were offered a phone outside of the airport from our bag guy. I assume it is easy but takes a few minutes to get you the phone. From what I understand you call them at the end of your vacation and meet up with them to give the phone back. We are going to try it this year as well.

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    Just turn your cellular data off and use the wifi to call and text. We use Viber and has worked in Jamaica and Europe without much problems. And it's free

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    Use skype on your laptop or iPad. Much!

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    Another option - purchase a small computer tablet( i.e. samsung galaxy tab 3 7" goes for about $170) or an ipod touch and load the skype app on it. You can then use the free wi-fi at the resort and call home for pennies a day. You will need to purchase $10 in skype credit, but you won't even use the entire $10 in one trip. I am going on my 3rd year with my original $10 skype credit, and i call home about every day - I still have $5.41 for our upcoming trip in April.

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    You could just buy a calling card from the gift shop.

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