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    We are going to CN June 2015. The rates have not been released yet but when I called they said I could book our love away with this years rates. So in my thinking we would get better rates by booking now right

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    You can always book now and when the rates for 2015 come out call if they are cheaper and they will take care of you.

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    There is absolutely no reason to not book as soon as possible. With the cancellation policy, if something happens where you can't go, you just cancel for a full refund. With the best rate guarantee, if a better rate comes up, you just call and ask for the better rate. Worst case scenario, if its for new bookings only, you book the new rate, cancel your old rate, and have them apply the money from your old booking to your new booking. I surprised my wife with a trip for this April last year. She now wishes we had also booked a 2015 trip as well, because we got such a great deal.
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    If you can get it booked at current rates, do it, by all means. I would be surprised if the rates would go down, but if they did, no problem Couples will adjust for you. They are great to work with. Enjoy, and get that count down started. We have 8 days and a bag drag for Couples Negril.

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