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    Default 2 questions: spa and repeaters dinner

    Hi all, we will be arriving at Couples in 68 days, and i have a couple questions.

    1. Has anyone ever gotten the biolight brightening facial shown in the spa brochure? My wife is possibly interested in this, but doesn't want to do it if there is a lot of peeling afterward, or if going back in the sun after the facial will just cause more damage. Anyone who has had this facial or knows information about it, please feel free to share your knowledge.

    2. I saw under the restaurants page that the repeaters dinner is at the main pool. I think on our first trip, it was in the room next to the Palazzina, (the heliconia suite?). Can anyone tell me what the set up is like at the main pool location? Is it buffet style or sit down menu style? How are the tables set up near or around the pool? Any descriptions would be great, pictures would be better!

    Thanks to everyone who responds!
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    I have not had the facial you are referring to but I have had the après sun facial which was delightful. I would imagine any sort of facial using a glycol peel would probably not be a good idea since you're in the sun so much but I'm no expert.
    Regarding the repeaters dinner at the pool. The set up is actually very nice and has a lot more room than the suite. They set it up with tables around 2/3 of the pool, nice lighting, ice sculptures, etc... That being said, the last repeaters we went to was at the pool and the food was awful. (2012) The meat was undercooked and there wasn't enough food! We've decided not to do the repeaters again after that experience.
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    When we were at CSS last April the repeaters dinner was on the main pool deck. It was a sit down dinner and it was fabulous! I think they move it inside if it rains. Can't wait to attend our next one in 16 days!!
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    They also have the Repeater's Dinner inside in the summer when it is too hot.....for our trip last July the dinner was held inside.

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    Every time we've been (4) the Repeater's Dinner was inside the room next to the Palazzina. The food was incredible every time as well!

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