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    As an eight year returning guest to couples, I am aware of not having a catamaran cruise out of San Souci. I was wondering why, if they couldn't have a bus going to the Tower Island cruise if guests were so inclined to go. They have the bus going there to visit the other resorts during certain days, why not a bus to go on a cruise? I would be curious to know if this is possible for guests that might want to go. This will be our third trip to San Souci and we really enjoy it. Thanks for your thoughts. JET

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    It's reserved for cti guests only.

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    That question was raised here on the message board a couple years ago. Unfortunately the response from Couples was "no", they weren't planning to offer CSS guests the ability to go to CTI to do the catamaran cruise. Their rationale was that CSS has its own things that make it special that aren't available at CTI and there are catamaran cruise excursions that CSS guests could purchase if they wanted to go on one. Maybe one day that'll be changed but as for now...of well.

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