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    Hi everyone! My husband and I just booked our first trip to Couples Swept Away in November and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have been trying to vacation here for years. We have been to Jamaica a couple of times as stops on cruises but never as a land based vacation. I will be celebrating my 40th birthday while there.

    I wanted to check our reservation on line. Is there an option to do that, or to make additional payments prior to our arrival?


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    Jen, not sure about checking online but I just call 1 800 couples to make extra payments.
    If you'd care for a video and a couple of pics of csa, email me at
    Congrats, you will love csa!

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    I have some questions. What sort of payments? Did you purchase the trip on their payment plan and want to pay ahead on your payments? You may be better off contacting the resort directly for more official replies. It's easy. See the link below.

    Otherwise, you can't really pay ahead for the extras not included with the trip, at least not through the resort. How it works for these extras. During the check in process you will need to give them a valid major credit card number. They will begin by putting a $300 hold on this credit card. Anything extra would be charged to this credit card. I think they take just about any major credit card. You can use the link I gave earlier for these types of inquiries. What I would do for this is to set aside money in your savings account at your bank for this to use to pay off the credit card bill after your vacation. Extras like dinner on the beach, gift shop purchases, etc get charged to your room and are applied to your credit card during check out. Also, if you do something silly like taking one of the very nice robes in your room, this will get charged to your credit card.

    If you made your reservation through this website, go back to the same page you went to to book your stay. There is a link on this page that says "Find My Reservation" Click on this link select Swept Away then enter your confirmation number. See the link below.

    I am sure you will really like your stay at Swept Away. This was our first Couples experience also. A funny thing about Couples Resorts. Go there once and you may find yourselves going back again and again and again... Couples is well known for its repeat customers. I think this speaks volumes for Couples Resorts.

    Only 7 more days until we return to CTI. Really getting close now.

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    You cannot check your reservation online. If you booked through couples, you should have gotten a confirmation email.

    In order to make payments, you can call them, or you can send an email to Reference your reservation number and tell them you want to make a payment. They will give you further directions on how to do so. You might have to email them a copy of your credit card, as well as a photo ID. We have been to couples once before, we got married at Sans Souci last march, and within two weeks of leaving, I had our return trip booked for this April. Welcome to the couples family!

    We cannot wait to come back home!!! 68 days 20 hours 44 minutes!!
    Is this Love that I'm feelin'?

    CSS March 2013, April/May 2014, April 2015, April 2016 Soon Come
    CN April 2014

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    No, you can't check it on-line, but call the 1-800 number and they will take care of you. I increased our depsoit last May when it was forecast the Canadian Dollar was going to drop. Wish I had paid the entire amount!!

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    Thanks everyone. We did get a confirmation email, and we will just call if we want to make payments between now and then. Softail I would love some picutres and a video! I will send you an email. Only 278 days left!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetest Sin View Post
    Thanks everyone. We did get a confirmation email, and we will just call if we want to make payments between now and then. Softail I would love some picutres and a video! I will send you an email. Only 278 days left!

    Sweetest, we are on the love away plan and almost done paying for our trip (yay)!! I've made a couple extra payments, you just call the 800 number, the person will give you an email address and you'll have to email your reservation number, trip details and how much you want to charge your credit card. You'll then get a confirmation email. Very easy, good luck

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