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Thread: Dinner At CSA

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    Default Dinner At CSA

    First time at CSA

    Try each restaurant ?

    Feathers the best?

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    Welcome to the Couples family. Yes try all restaurant,which one is best is a personal choice only you can make. I will say feathers is worth men having to put on long pants.

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    So, how high is high??
    Our experience has been flawless at each of the restaurants. I would spend more time evaluating the entertainment options, then getting to Palms for dinner when you see entertainment that interests you.
    If you're going to Feathers, bring a Sports jacket/wrap, it can be cool, especially after a day in the sun. Lemongrass is phenomenal, but you need to plan for each.
    There are so many choices for new food, you can't be disappointed. But then for us, the food compliments the company.

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    We love Lemongrass. Feathers is beautiful and yes, the best. Try all the restaurants, and also walk across the street from the South Lobby to Ossies jerk shack for some REAL jerk! Be sure to make your dinner reservations for feathers and lemongrass as soon as you get there.

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    Yes, try each of the restaurants if you have the chance, and try different meals if you can (breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between). Including Seagrapes for a healty lunch and the Cabana grill (next door to the swim up bar) for an afternoon or late night splurge of some very good grill type food with a notable Jamaican flair. Feathers is by far the most elegant and "highfalutin", the food and service are always top notch. The others are more casual but the food and service are still excellent. If you miss one or more you will be kicking yourself when you leave for not trying them out. Besides, it gives you more to talk about on the message board.

    Have a great trip! You will love CSA.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    For sure try all of them. As for Feathers being the best you will get different responses. Personally we like Feathers.
    The food in my opinion is very good and service very attentive at least in the many times we have visited there.
    The only thing I don't like about Feathers is that it is indoors and can be cool. All the other restaurants are outdoors which I personally like. I suppose if you go in the summer months that may be different. Wish they still had the old Feathers which was across the street
    and outdoors.
    Try them all as the food is great in each.

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    Feathers is by far the best. It's the nicest. It's indoors and cool. Try them all. After each trip we wish we had eaten there more. Lemongrass is ok but it's not our style of food. You may love it. Patois is excellent and the menu rotates so see what they have each day. Palms is a buffet. Nothing special but good for a buffet usually. Great breakfast though. Patois has excellent meals for all three. Cabana grill is great for lunch and our favorite because they have patties. Sea grapes wasn't even on our radar our first trip but now we love it for an afternoon snack or lunch. Fish tacos, fresh fruit, chips and dip, plenty to choose from. There is a smoothie bar at the spa that is great too. Don't miss it.

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    We love Lemongrass. Our first 2 trips, we made the mistake of not booking it. The third trip we did and also on our recent 4th trip. Absolutely delicious ! Will never make the mistake of not booking it again ! All the food at all the restaurants in my opinion is excellent !

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    Thanks gang

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