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    Default Couples Massage Class Anyone? Take a Virtual lesson, Practice Live.

    Hello -

    We recieved this video after we requested more about the amazing inclusions at Couples Resorts. Once we viewed it, we decided that you can take advantage of it at home too. Did you know this class is included in our weekly activities at Couples Swept Away? Its the gift that keep giving. Take a peek and start practicing now. Enjoy!

    Shandi a.k.a Andi Conway
    Director of Sales and Marketing

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    I thought it was included with all Couples resorts. We took it at CN last March.
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    is it offered at CSS? This would be something we would want to do!

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    Whoa, I have seen this on the activity sheet, this is a must do next trip, thank you for sharing this video!!!!


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    Really Great Video! I "practiced" it last night, and hubby had NO complaints
    Jamie & Christie from TX

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