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    Default Fifteen years later

    Fifteen years ago my husband and I were married at Swept Away. We were back for one day 5 years ago on a trading places day from CN and saw the expansion. We checked out the other side of the island three years ago and stayed at CTI. This is when we knew Negril was the side for us and started planning our 15 year wedding anniversary to CSA. We talked so much about our love for Jamaica and Couples that before we knew it 6 other couples were on board to come with us. Here is my review:

    Arrival: Flew in at 2 on a Saturday. Chose not to do Club Mobay. Good choice as the line was short and sweet. Great start. We even had to wait a few minutes for our luggage. Very happy to be greeted with smiles and beer at Couples lounge. The wait was maybe 15 minutes. Barely enough time for everyone to use the bathroom and grab beer. We had the shuttle to ourselves. At this time there were 10 of us. Made a stop for a bathroom break and beer. Maybe 10 minutes. Check in was fine. There was a group checking in when we arrived but by the time we filled out our forms and had a quick map review we were ready to check in. They departure time for our flight was wrong and I easily corrected it. (but didn't realize it was going to be wrong for everyone and didn't fix theirs) We were the only repeaters and had our early booking credit and repeaters vouchers included with check in. No t-shirts. Was told they probably didn't have the sizes we wanted and needed to check with the concierge. Went over to make reservations for catamaran cruise, massage and dinner at Feathers for our anniversary. We were able to make "group reservations" by booking a table of 6 and two tables of 4. Not a problem.

    Room: We booked an Atrium Suite. 15 years ago we stayed in the garden verandah and liked it but had an end room with the shutters. Had heard they put windows on and I had really liked the open feel so went with the atrium. Think I will always book the Atrium. My husband missed a TV only when he had to wait for me to get ready and I love falling to sleep to the tree frogs and the sound of the ocean. We could hear road noise but it was mostly in the morning when we were waking up. We were very close to the beach and had a great view. Chose a first floor and used our patio door most of the time. It was very private.

    Food: It was great. Best in all of the time we have been. Went to patios as a group the first two nights and while we didn't sit a the same table we sat along the booth and chairs. It was a lot of fun and I hope we didn't disturb anyone. Lobster was great and so was the snapper. Monday we did the repeaters dinner. Steak and lobster. I don't know why any repeater wouldn't do this. The service is excellent and the company is great. We had Cleopatra for our manager and she was really sweet. The total time was maybe two hours. Went to Feathers for our anniversary dinner and had shrimp and scallops. Also good. My girlfriend had the lionfish and said that was very good also. We tried Lemongrass and I had the Pad Thai and my husband had the ribs. He hates Thai food and just ordered it without sauce. We ate breakfast at both Palms and Patios. I preferred Patios and my husband like Palms. Patios did take a little bit longer. We had lunch at all but Patios. Loved the fish tacos at Seagrapes. Mu husband had the tuna wrap and that was excellent also. Loved the chips and hummus. I don't think I had a bad meal.

    Activities: Catamaran cruise was fun. Did jewelry making and tie dye. I would suggest bringing your own shirt if you plan on doing this. It cost $3. $6 if you need a shirt and they only had XL. No pool volleyball because the net was broke. Did trading places to CN and played pool volleyball there. It is nice to get away for the day. Steel drums is a must see. I heard the talent show is great too but we wanted to go to the music trivia at the piano bar so we missed it. Our friends said the entertainment staff is talented. Casino night was fun. Yoga on the beach is a must do. My husband did his first yoga class here and enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is lack of info on events. If you wanted to know what was going on you had to walk to the Patios end. If you wanted to see the fitness schedule you needed to walk to the sports complex. I wish they had a board at the Palms every morning to what was going on so you could plan your day. We also did the One Love bus tour. Lenbert is great. I e-mailed him two months ahead. He confirmed and picked us up at 2:30. Took us to 6 bars. We had a good time but were happy that the weather wasn't very nice or I would of felt I was missing time at the resort. Don't think we would do it again but are glad we did do it.

    Spa: Had a awesome massage by Nancy. She tried so hard to get rid of some knots in my back. Little did she know those knots were probably there for 3 years since my last massage. Wish I would of spent more time and more of my resort credits here.

    Will wrap up when time permits.

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    Beach: The beach is the number one reason I come back. It is beautiful. The chair floats are great. Hope they never get rid of these. I am sure they get worn easily and are expensive but so worth it. They were replacing a bunch while we were there.

    Weather: The worst we have ever had (and it wasn't bad) The first couple of days it never rained. It usually rains for a little in the afternoon. Wed. if finally rained for about an hour. Thur. and Fri. were red flag days because of rain and wind. The good thing about it was the ocean was a lot of fun with the big waves.

    Staff: The second reason we come back. Never ran into a staff member that wasn't pleasant. Many of our group commented on how friendly the staff was compared to other resorts. The entertainment staff was wonderful. We met Andre on the first night and he kept us busy and entertained for the rest of the trip. What a great guy. Tamara was great at helping us with the jewelry making and tie-dye. Alex was a lot of fun at the casino night and Kevin made sure to come find the ones in our group who wanted to play volleyball whenever a game was starting up. Our room was always cleaned and turned down. One couple in our group had towel art in their room but they were the only ones. They bartenders were always quick and friendly. Sometimes we had a drink ready before we ordered one. Thanks Ruel for making our group your special drinks.

    Group: I know how many of you feel about groups and was worried about traveling with ours but I shouldn't have. This is the first time it was more than just the two of us and I did enjoy sharing one of my favorite places with my friends. We did not try to eat together every meal and when we did we were flexible. Didn't need to all sit at the same table. Just near each other. The staff was great about helping us out.

    We did have a couple of hitches but nothing that wasn't fixed promptly and nothing that came close to ruining our trip. I think Couples has it right with its laid back vibe. It may not be for everyone but it is what I enjoy on my vacations. We will be back and someday would love to do a two week split stay between CN and CSA. Its good to have dreams.

    Hello to Debbie and Alvin! It was great meeting you and you will have to let me know how your trip to CSS was when you get back.

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    Very nice. Thanks for taking the time to write up your trip experience.

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