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    Default Did homework..still need advice on Friday arrival

    Irie fellow couples companions.....I have done my research and need your advice. The misses, myself and friends will be landing in Montego bay Friday March 21 at 10am(10:15am - noticed delays for the past 3 weeks) there will be 7 flights arriving with-in one hour of ours and 2 flights after. I am still considering getting Club Mobay for departure but is it worth it for arrival....please help!!!! Thank you in advance

    42 days until I get my sanity back.

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    Club MOBAY is a perceived value. Nobody can tell you if it will be worth it to you. You are the only person who can decide this.

    Consider this. You are saying that there could be up to 9 flights arriving within 30 minutes and a few minutes after your flight. There is absolutely no way to tell exactly how many people will be on these flights so you will need a best guess. I figure 150 per flight is a good number. Multiply 150 people times nine flights and this could be up to 1350 people arriving in close proximity to your flight.

    Customs and Immigration at Montego Bay is pretty efficient. But that's a lot of people. There is a good chance you will be standing in line a while. Is it worth a little extra money to avoid the lines? Only you can decide this.

    One last thing to consider. Club MOBAY has a limited number of people they can handle for any given time slot. It is possible for them to sell out a time slot, especially as more people discover this service. If you are going to use this service, don't hesitate or you may be disappointed.

    We found similar numbers around our arrival time and we booked Club Mobay a months ago.

    Only 9 more days until we return to CTI. Really getting close now.

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    Just booked their arrival service for tomorrow (by phone). There are 11 flights landing with in a half hour, ours is third to the last (if all are on time.) We have used both the arrival and departure service is past trips. The arrival service is well worth it, but the departure service is a waste of money, in our opinion. We have waited in line for 2 hours at immigration in the past.
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    I booked Club Mobay for our arrival on Feb 11. We too, also have 7 or 8 flights coming in in the hour ahead of us. Will post when we return how the lines were.

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    I agree with Jack (is it Captain Jack?). With 7 flights arriving ahead of you, I would say book club mobay. We arrive April 19, and have the same conditions as you. We booked mobay for both arrival and departure. I have read of people who booked mobay, and were already at Couples while other people were still standing in line at the airport. For me, it is worth the peace of mind knowing that I won't have to stand in those long lines. Standing in long lines is no way to start a vacation, and worrying if you will have to stand in those lines is even worse.
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    We haven't tried it yet but are considering it. Personally I'm thinking it would be more important for the arrivals, gettin to paradise sooner. That's how I'm looking at it.

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    I say NOT. With a 10:00 arrival, I think you should be OK even with those flights. We have been coming in to MBJ for ten years now and only once was a wait kind of long.

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    He is my experience. We were flying in at 2 on a Saturday. I checked incoming flights and there were 11 within the 1/2 hour of us landing. I freaked out and begged my husband to do Club Mobay. Since we were with a group and not everyone wanted to spend the extra money we decided to stay with the group. I just knew we were in for a long wait. Landed and came around the corner.... what? hardly a line? took us 5-10 minutes to get through. Had to wait a few minutes for our luggage. So glad we didn't spend the extra money. This was our fourth time to Jamaica and was by far the shortest wait. Never thought about doing the departure. Never had a wait. Not this time. The line was all the way back by the far end of the airline check in counters. What? I think we were in line for over an hour. Still had time to grab something to eat and shop a little but was nervous standing in line for so long. So the moral of my story is You just never know. If you spend the money go with the knowledge it might not be worth it. And be OK with that. I am not a big gambler and don't think I will ever do it. But it may be so worth it to someone else who just wants the peace of mind. Someone said on here it is like an insurance policy. I agree.

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    We ALWAYS arrive on a Friday and get in between 10:30-11:00. We go in April and October. You don't say when you're going so I'm puzzled by the 7 flights. We've seen 1-2 arriving close to our time.

    On occasion, our luggage beats us, other times it takes us 30 minutes to get through immigration. I think the longest may have been 45 minutes. Never seems like that long, as we are then on island time!

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