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    Default Regarding the Atrium Rooms...

    Sooooo excited to be returning to Couples CSA! We were married on the beach there on 11/11/09 and will be going back for our 5th anniversary this November. We had an atrium suite that trip & loved it, so we booked an atrium again this time. My DH really loves the hammock on the balcony & we both loved the open tropical feel of it. Just wondering since it has been 5 years since our wedding/honeymoon and since the atriums are always referred to as "the old section" on these boards...are they still in good shape? I mean I can't imagine having a bad time at CSA (IRIE) but we want everything to be extra special for our anniversary. Should I expect them to be much more "run down" then they were 5 years ago? Again, we loved the rustic feel of it all, but I know much of the resort was updated & I think the atriums have not been yet. We have never vacationed in the same place twice, but we loved it so much! Can we expect the same outstanding atrium rooms 5 years later? Normally the room doesn't mean tons to us because we are out having fun. But it is our anniversary, so we expect to spend SOME time locked away in our room.....

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    We have been staying in them for the last 5 years although never the same room number. To me they are the same. I believe the bathrooms were updated within the last five years. We are in them again in 2 weeks.

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    My wife and I went to CSA in June '13 for our honeymoon and i loved the Atrium Suites room! I did not have a chance to see the other rooms at the resort, but i
    did notice that the rooms did have their quirks and might have seemed a bit dated and worn, however that didn't take away from the atmosphere at all.
    There wasn't anything wrong them from my point of view, and when i finally make it to Couples again, they are high on the list to stay at again

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    We were there last year and yes they are dated but very comfortable and clean. We will always stay in Atriums. Love the hammock and( NO T.V.. DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN THE REAL WORLD WHEN WE ARE THERE!!! )

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    The only issue we have had with the Atrium rooms is finding our room after dark. We invariably get distracted while walking the grounds back to our room at night and wander about trying to find our "home" the first two or three evenings. This however is not a complaint, on the contrary it is one of the quirks about CSA that we love and look forward to. It is one of the things that keeps CSA fresh for us and recreates that feeling of adventure we have had every time we go back.
    Congratulations on your anniversary, we will be celebrating 34 years on our trip (#8) this summer.

    Have a great trip!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Which atrium buildings are closest to the center of the resort?

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    Thanks for all of your answers. Sounds like the atrium rooms will still meet our expectations. We cannot wait to get there - 269 days to go!

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    Since 5 years ago, rooms have been upgraded to include a mini bar ( which they did not have in the past). Also, bathrooms have a new sink. Have stayed in this room category for years. These rooms are constantly refreshed, so they never feel dirty or outdated. Since there are only 4 per building, I have noticed during off season ( when I travel), they close an entire building and completely refresh it, giving it a crisp clean feeling. I would not worry, great room, and best location or all room categories ( for privacy), imo.

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    Atrium check
    2 floor check
    away from Palms check
    Good Time check

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