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    Hey all, just a quick question.
    I just recently found out I have rotator cuff tendinitis. So, wondering if going to the Falls is worth the trip if I can't climb them. Can you just hang out a swim around? We are staying at CSS, this inclusion was one if the reasons we booked this resort. Any thoughts?
    Thank you in advance.
    One Love,

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    There are stairs that are next to the falls that you can use rather than climb the falls and still have the experience......

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    There are places where you can bail out all along the falls. There are also stairs all along the falls with observation decks. We have been to Dunn's River Falls twice. I don't find it too difficult but not super easy either. We always seem to end up helping the others going up the falls along the way.

    Since this trip is included at CSS, you might want to give it a try. You can always take the steps if it gets too intense.

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    A number of people walk up the side rather than climb the falls - should point out though that you can't really swim in the falls themselves as its mostly rocks under the water all the way up with the odd exception of small pools but they aren't big enough to swim in and in any case there will usually be a crowd of people there. My wife suffers from fibroid myalgia and I have had a stroke but we both managed to climb them (albeit very slowly and with the help of the others in the party) so give it a go and if you find you can't manage it them get out and walk up and take photos on the way. (see attached)Name:  falls.jpg
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