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    Default The I Wish I Hadn't Brought That Thread

    I am the complete opposite of trying to bring everything on vacation. I like to bring only what I need. If I don't have it, Oh well. What did you bring to a Couples vacation and realized you did not need this?

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    I wasn't exactly sure what hubby and I would do all day long. Previous time alone, just him and I, have been simple overnights out of town without the kids and we always bring backgammon and play. While we enjoy that for those trips, it was unnecessary for me to bring backgammon and a couple other dice games with us this trip. There were plenty of activities to keep us busy and down time was just spent quietly on our balcony. If we go again, I would leave "games" at home.

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    Whelp....about 1/2 of my wardrobe, for starters. I didn't think we'd need the straws that people said to pack and I felt silly packing them, but we actually used them quite regularly. We don't pack many extras. We've gone on vacation enough to realize what we do and don't use, lol. We are not the type to bring 3 way plugs, shoe organizers to use for toiletries, etc.....

    OH WAIT.....GYM CLOTHES. We always bring them with good intentions....but after that first bloody mary? Yeah, right. So I'd have to say that gym clothes and sneakers are our #1 most frequently packed yet never used items.


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    Too many clothes :P I read the boards and was prepared for all sorts of clothes changes during the day to accommodate the various activities and restaurants. As it turns out i brought too many shirts and didnt use about 6 of them. Not a big deal but i like to travel light and only bring what i need. The big bummer for us was that our waterproof camera broke the day before our Scuba trip and we didn't have a backup that could take the depths

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    Basically just take what fits in a carry on and you'll have only what you need. We do. We figure, if it don't fit in that space, we don't need it.
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    Definitely too many clothes. I ended up really only wearing swimsuits, coverups and then dresses at night. I packed tons of shorts and tops that I didn't even wear once and will definitely be leaving them all at home this next trip.

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    We both consciously tried to pack less this time.......and we did; however, still brought too much. Next year, even less. Not sure we can get down to a carryon. That would make my husband very happy; but who knows, stranger things have happened.

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    I did use my gym clothes and travel wearing my athletic shoes (easier to run through airports and the thought of going barefoot through security grosses me out).

    What did use, was all the shoes I took the first few times. Now, just the basics to wear at night. I stopped taking so many "casual clothes", also. We get up, I do powerwalk so put on gym clothes, come back, shower, put on swimwear and cover up, breakfast, then beach, then cover up, lunch, and back to beach. After beach, back to room, shower, dress for dinner. So I never used all the shorts & tops I took.

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    We packed too many clothes. They have a very reasonable laundry service at CSS. They pick your clothes up wash,dry and fold them each day then return them to your room. This really cuts down on what you have to bring.

    We had no need for extension cords, bug spray ( the wipes worked well), snacks, or ziplock bags. I also carried too many shoes.

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    Definitely agree on the clothes and shoes. We didn't use the power strip/extension cord we brought to charge our electronics (because we never used our electronics!). We did not need all the lotions we brought. We never used the giant bottle of aloe we brought. Luckily, we pretanned, so we never burned. We did still use plenty of sunscreen while there. Other than that, i think we used everything else we brought. We did NOT bring a lot of the stuff that people put on the other thread though. We did bring straws, and we did use them.

    Oh, my wife also says she wishes we would have not brought her in-laws either.
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    My 6th trip is coming up in April. I've weaned down gradually from 10+ pair of shoes (10 days) to about 4 now. Also left the shorts and tee shirts at home as I'm in casual or dressier dresses day and night, or swimsuits. The less stuff I pack, the more space I have to bring home treasures from Jamaica!

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    I definitely won't be packing any tshirts and shorts this time either. Just a bunch of bathing suits, some coverups, and dresses for at night. And a few gym clothes. Which I SWEAR I will actually use this time. I wish I could cut down on the shoes some more, but that might be pushing it.

    I also didn't use the bug spray. Or the flat iron. And why on earth did I bring so many bras? Good grief, that won't be happening this year either.

    I am very happy I brought the battery operated tea lights though. Possibly the best "extra" I've ever brought anywhere.

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    Tennis balls (they provide, good quality tennis racquets too but most prefer to use their own), flashlight, bug spray, drinking cups (Tervis type).

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