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    Default CN breakfast buffet items

    Hello all-

    My hubby and I love Jamaican food. One thing we noticed when staying at Tower Isle a few years back was the lack of Jamaican food at breakfast--specifically Ackee & Saltfish--which is the national dish of the Island. Can anyone confirm for me what Jamaican breakfast items are included in the buffet at Couples Negril?
    Many thanks.

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    I normally go with the custom omelets myself, but i can confirm that I have seen Ackee and saltfish on the buffet for breakfast.

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    Yes, CN seems to always have a few Jamaican dishes at breakfast. I think their breakfast bar is all around great!

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    ackee and saltfish is usually on the breakfast buffet at least once/week, sometimes twice at CN. at least that has been my experience on our last 4 trips. I would vote to have it on the buffet everyday as it is one of my favorite things about CN/Jamaica!! especially since as you mentioned it is their national dish!!

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    Thank you for all the responses much appreciated. @Iriedreaming I agree with you--it should be a buffet item everyday

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    Here are some pics of CN's breakfast. I hope it helps.

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    This is very helpful. Thank you.

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    From the looks of that 2nd picture you'd think if you asked nice enough that you could get a Red Stripe for breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimpat1 View Post
    From the looks of that 2nd picture you'd think if you asked nice enough that you could get a Red Stripe for breakfast.
    I've never seen anyone with a beer at breakfast (although I wouldn't be surprised if I did), but you can get a Mimosa or Bloody Mary to start your day.

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    Sauteed Callaloo and some fresh grouper! Yummy!
    73 and a wake-up back to CN!

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    Adore the sauteed callaloo, mouth watering just thinking about it

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    In 8 days, we will be using that breakfast buffet. Love the Callaloo.

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    Although not a Jamaican item, my favorite thing at CN breakfast was the pancakes from the omelette/grill area.
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    This week we are short handed at work, as our son is on his vacation. So with our trip to CN coming up in april, we think about that bkfst. buffet every morning, and decide what we would have.
    Thanks for the pics......

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    Callaloo in the omelet too. Very tasty.

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