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    We are in a deluxe ocean room from March 12-19. We
    We are going to request building 4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a specific room? We know it's hard to get a certain room, but it can't hurt to try. Thank you so much.

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    I thought that I read earlier they were not even going to post responses from people recommending specific room numbers.

    We were on the first floor of building 4 and we loved the location of the room but when sitting on the balcony there were small mosquitoes at our balcony each evening. They either were watering every day or rain that was drawing the mosquitoes. So, I would request a 2nd floor or above.

    Also another FYI, it can get a little noisy in the late afternoons in building 4, you are right in front of the swim up bar and it was noisy near closing time when everyone was drinking and shouting

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    Did you look at the closed thread near the top of this Main Board about room requests?

    This is not to say that you can not request a room upgrade during check in. But this would depend upon availability. You are visiting CTI during the middle of tourist season. Expecting to get a specific room number, even at check in would be entirely unrealistic.

    You might try upgrading to a Premier Ocean Room if you want a better view. They only cost a little more than the Deluxe Ocean Room that you have reserved. As I said before, this would also depend upon availability.

    We had the Deluxe Ocean Room on our last visit. A very nice room with a very nice view.

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    Mad Jack, Which building is the Deluxe Ocean Rooms?

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    I think all but building 5. Building 5 does not face the ocean at all. A Deluxe Ocean Room will have a view of the ocean, but may be partially obstructed by a tree or vegetation. The room we were in had a decent view, but had a tree to the left of the balcony which partially obstructed the view. However there was still a nice view of the ocean from that room. I don't remember the exact room. But it was in building 4 on the third floor near the middle. We were overlooking Oceanside Wedding Gazebo.

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    Can anyone help me understand the difference between Deluxe and Premier Ocean View rooms? Is it just the view? It's difficult to tell but from the 360 view on the website it looks like the Premier might have a larger balcony and bathroom?

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    I would recommend a room that is not close to the new pool/swim-up bar, especially if you are a light sleeper and/or like to take naps during the day. That area is very active and noisy while the bar is open, and they power-wash the pool area and bar every morning around 6:00 a.m. So a room either farther down by building 5 or a higher floor would be preferable.

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    Building 5 is going to give you nice ocean views if you're on a higher floor. Anything low and you just have trees out from your balcony. These are the superior ocean rooms.

    Building 4 is all deluxe ocean rooms. They look out over the island and are mostly west of the swim-up bar and pool. I've stayed in these rooms and they're my favorite. As long as you get a higher room (3rd floor is my favorite) noise isn't an issue and you have a great view.

    Building 3 is a mix of garden view rooms, premier ocean rooms, and suites. This is the main building (think: lots of foot traffic = noise) so even though the rooms are more expensive, for the most part, I prefer to stay elsewhere.

    I've never stayed in building 1 or 2 so I can't tell you exactly which rooms are in those, but the map that Couples has online shows building 2 as having premier rooms. If I remember correctly, I've also read that deluxe rooms are in building 1. I would imagine that any room you get in building 1 and 2 are going to be louder as they're right above the main pool, a bar, and two restaurants. If quiet is what you're looking for, stick with building 4 or 5.

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    Building 1 has deluxe ocean rooms. Building 2 has premier and suites.

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