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    My husband and I went to CTI for our honeymoon this past October and absolutely LOVED it!!! The only gripe we had was that the nightlife was not that exciting. We did attend nightly activities, but it seemed as though everyone went to bed in the middle or immediately after.
    We were thinking about returning this year, but I wanted opinions. Should we go back to CTI or check out another couples? Does another one have more lively night crowd?

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    We have only been to Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away, but from what I have read on the boards, and from experience between the 2 we have been to, the most active seems to be Couples Swept Away in the Aurora Lounge. They have a DJ and dancing which begins after the Piano Bar closes, which is in the same area. It is a hopping place, but that could depend on the time of year. We have only been there in October. We usually leave when the Ultimate Chocolate at the Piano Bar finishes, 11pm, but our nephew and his wife have been know to stay until at least 1am. Even with that said, the resort still is pretty quiet after the evening entertainment is over. Everyone is tired from, sun and rum.

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    Csa is livelier as they have a nightclub too but I admit, after all day in the sun, booze and fun we are in bed by 11pm, we are old

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    It might just be random chance based on who happens to be there at the time. My husband and I were there last April/May and it was quite lively. We were up past midnight (1,2,3am) on most nights either at the main bar with dj, the piano bar, or one night we hung out playing pool with a group of wedding goers. I was all kinds of fun! Can't wait to be back again this May! I really hope the new nightclub is done by then. That sounds like it could be fun. I wouldn't hesitate to book CTI again if I were you.

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