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    Default CSA Beachfront Suite Window Questions

    Hi Everyone! After some serious research we are getting ready book CSA for our 10 year anniversay trip in August. I am not good at making decisions and this is not a cheap trip so I want to make sure I get it right There is no doubt that I want to be beach front, trying to decide between the suites and verandahs, I am leaning towards the suite but my husband has some concern about the lack of T.V. but more concerned with the "screens" for windows, can someone tell me if you are able to close them somewhat even though there is not solid glass and do the rooms get hot. It is always hard to do away with the comfort of having a television, but I think it will be great, I just want the best location and views so any opinions on these things are welcomed. Thanks so much, looking so forward to seeing what all the fuss is about

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    If you are watching TV at CSA then you are doing it wrong. This coming from a certified TV junkie. Been to CSA 5 times and our room never had a TV and they were the best weeks of my life. Especially in August.

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    You could always do a beachfront verandah and get get windows. Our friends stayed in the beachfront rooms with the screens, the wife is a light sleeper and she hated the tree frogs, kept her up all night!

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    Codyjo, We stayed in a BFVS and it was well worth it. We were on the first floor and could walk out our door, across the sidewalk and was on the sand. We did have a TV and it was nice. I turn it on for noise and something to turn on of a evening. It was nice to relax at night on the porch then come in and chill before bed. To us, our room was perfect. I totally understand not taking the decision lightly, it is a lot of money. It was our first big vacation last year and it was worth every penny. I can send you pics if you like! Just email me at

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    Oh, our windows at the head of the bed opened with screens and the bathroom window didn't have a screen. We kept all but the bathroom closed and used the AC and it was perfect!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanfastic View Post
    You could always do a beachfront verandah and get get windows. Our friends stayed in the beachfront rooms with the screens, the wife is a light sleeper and she hated the tree frogs, kept her up all night!
    One of the biggest reasons we book a PBFS is to be able hear the tree frogs and waves on the beach. We love the frogs. These are the sounds of paradise.

    Life is good

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    Another consideration is that the shutters do have middle pin... as in partially open. We used that setting quite a bit in our Atrium Suite (same config as BFS). It allows light in, but still gives you some privacy especially if you do this with just the upper shutters (second floor).

    We went in Nov/Dec, the temperatures were 28-30oC days and 25oC nights so slept with AC off and just the ceiling fan.

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    We will probably spend quite a bit of time on our verandah in the morning and night late just taking in the view or the sound of the waves so I like the idea of the larger one on the beachfront suite. I would want to sleep with the door open so I can hear the waves at night if we got an BFVS, which isn't quite as appealing, I am just most concerned about hearing everything else and having no control over it if we go the other way. My heart is calling for the beachfront suite though, so I just hope we end up with one towards the center of the property away from the restaurant and that luck is smiling on me for one with a nice clear view to the ocean Now for the debate of ground or 2nd floor preference, does anyone have a particular unit they love that is not a premier? We can't splurge for those even though those are the ones I thought I would be getting until more research last night. It was such a hard decision to choose where to stay, I can say I LOVE how helful everyone at Couples has been already, I just can't wait, I stay home with 3 kids and can't wait to have someone take care of me a little!

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    All rooms at Couples have AC and ceiling fans. The BFS, PBFS, and AS rooms all have wooden louvers from knee height to the ceiling that can be opened and closed for airflow, privacy, or cooling. We open them and turn off the AC during the day when out and housekeeping closes them during the turn down service and turns on the AC. You will be very cool that way. No TV is heaven. No listening to your neighbors' choices of shows all through the night. Just the sounds of waves lapping on the shore and tree frogs peeping at night to lull you to sleep...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...ya mon, Jamaica. Who in their right mind spends a vacation in paradise, especially on their anniversary, watching TV!?!?

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    We booked the BFS I can't go to the beach and not hear the ocean while I sleep. I am keeping my fingers crossed about an unblocked view! I don't mind hearing more wonderful things about these rooms so keep them coming... SO EXCITED, is it August yet

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    Doing Atrium Suites in 35 days cant wait first timer for CSA!

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    Codyjo, not sure if you've considered this though is if we've been on the first floor, while the views are usually awesome, we didn't feel safe sleeping with our veranda doors open. While we loved the easy access and views, you lose the privacy. That's the only thing I missed really when we stayed in the first floor bfvs, the sound of the waves at night. You might be able to sleep with the doors open, we couldn't. The second floor bfvs has obstructed views sometimes as we found out. I've read the third floor has better views and you get the privacy so it's give and take. I see you picked the bfs, at least you can open your louvered windows at night and listen to the waves. You'll love your choice I'm sure.
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    We stayed in an atrium room when we got married at CSA in 2009. I had EXACTLY the same question at the time....I could have cared less about the TV myself but the hubby was concerned. It was not an issue at all. We are both 3-screens-at-a-time people between our PC monitors, laptops, iPads phones, TVs. Our jobs keep us very plugged in. But I was surprised to find that not only did we not miss TV, we didn't want it! If a TV had been sitting there I can't imagine we would have turned it on. We relaxed and unplugged to the max & highly recommend it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codyjo View Post
    We booked the BFS I can't go to the beach and not hear the ocean while I sleep. I am keeping my fingers crossed about an unblocked view! I don't mind hearing more wonderful things about these rooms so keep them coming... SO EXCITED, is it August yet
    YEAH!!!! Congrats on the booking and your upcoming anniversary!!! You made the best decision of your life. I will make one suggestion...ok, make that two, if you don't mind. First, call the 800 number and make a room request for room 2230 (2nd floor--it's in the 4th building down from The help you on the map lol)--they can't guarantee requests, but it may help, and then ask again at check-in. This is the room we had this past May for our Weddingmoon and it was AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh, the view was just absolutely stunning...breath-taking...still renders me somewhat speechless. I'd be happy to send you pics (I took from every angle of the room inside and out...huge balcony, btw....and tons with our view of the wonderful turquoise Caribbean Ocean)!!! Email me at (maybe use CSA in the subject or something). Second, take ear plugs if you or your husband are concerned about sleeping through any excess noise (I'm a light sleeper and my husband is a heavy snorer, so ear plugs are a must for me lol). The tree frogs were very relaxing and comforting to us (we miss them actually). We also had 3 resident gecos (2 outside on the balcony and one up in the corner above the toilet lol--we rather liked them--they keep bugs away and don't bother you--we named the balcony ones Fred and Wilma). We too, sadly, are TV junkies and were somewhat concerned initially prior to booking. But later realized that we wouldn't prob be in the room that much except to sleep and get ready. Otherwise if we were there it was to chill on the balcony a while and enjoy the view and people watch lol. We were right. We did not miss having a TV one single bit. It allowed us to focus that lounging around time on each other, which is what we're there to do, afterall I am so excited for you guys!!!! You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it....Couples, CSA, Jamaica, the people...the whole kit-n-kaboodle....everyting irie mon!!!!! Only 6 more months for ya, woohoo :cool

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    The last one is the view from the bed...yep...that's what you can wake up to every morning from room 2230!!!!! Ok, I have tons more I can show you of the room and the view. Email me if you'd like more (it's a pain to upload here...they are too big so I have to snag them and then resave, blah blah lol). I also have a 2-min video (maybe not that long) my husband took one evening while I was getting ready for dinner. He took it from the balcony...there was a vendor down on the beach performing some Bob Marley for a few fellow travelers...just a great chill vibe! God I miss Jamaica and I miss CSA!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the pics and the info, I actually just sent you an email!!!!

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