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    Default Couples Negril - Deluxe Garden VS Deluxe Ocean

    We are trying to decide on a room at CN.

    There's a slight price difference (approx $90 total) between the Deluxe Garden VS Deluxe Ocean. What's the difference between the two?! Is it worth it to upgrade?

    Also, can anyone offer insight into the benefits / preference between ground floor rooms vs upper? It looks kinda cool that we could just stroll right out of our patio instead of using the other door, but are they less private?

    THANKS!! Decisions, decisions....!!!!


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    The only difference between the Ocean and the Garden is whether or not they have a view of the ocean, or a view of the garden. Otherwise the rooms are the same.

    As far as the first floor vs. upper floors, we've stayed in both and loved them both for different reasons. The first floor was nice with no steps to climb, and we found we still had privacy in the room, but leaving through the patio was not an option for us. The doors only lock from the inside, and we don't leave things unlocked. We just don't. The third floor was tiring by the end of the week, climbing all those steps, but the view was unbeatable. We felt we had privacy in the room and on the balcony, more so than when on the first floor, but again those steps were tiring and sometimes difficult to climb when a little intoxicated.

    With the new rule Couples has about not accepting specific room requests, we aren't going to bother requesting anything. We just booked a Beachfront Suite so we know we'll have a view, and don't care anymore about which building or what floor. It's up to the luck of the draw. We know we'll be happy, as long as we're at Couples.

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    We stayed in the deluxe oceanfront for 4 years and switched to the deluxe garden. is only a partial view of the ocean anyway. My advice is save the money and go with the garden. We LOVED the deluxe garden view room we had.

    On floors, we always like the third floor, up high and overlooking things. does present it's own set of challenges in the evening, if you've had too much to drink and hae to climb all three floors! There are no elevators but it doesn't bother us most of the time. Go and enjoy!

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    benandmiranda hit the nail on the head. We have had some of our best views of the Ocean, from a Garden view room. There is no difference in the rooms at all, between the categories until you get into the suites, they are huge and no difference in them between Garden or Beach, other then proximity/view to the beach. We always try for first floor simply because of my breathing, and have always been very satisfied. You can't lock the patio door from the outside so someone has to go out and lock the doors. Great choice not matter what, and we have stayed in the suites and all the other room types, and no bad decision can be made. We are especially fond of building 4 which I believe is all garden deluxe with the tennis courts right behind them. Enjoy.

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    Agree with Benandmiranda, no difference in rooms, just in their view and the ocean view may be partial.

    We prefer the upper floors. The Mrs. likes to sit on the balcony at night and with the crabs that we have seen after dark she isn't comfortable on a ground floor patio. Also agree that the view is wonderful from the upper floors. I don't think privacy would be an issue in any room. All the guests are respectful.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    With the property only having three floors, all rooms are easy to get to. We have stayed on all three floors and loved them all. Just see what they give you and if you don't like it, they will try to accomodate you.

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    Thanks for the info! I didn't even think of how the doors locked. Now that you mention it, I'll DEFINITELY not be counting on a ground level because there's no way I'm leaving our doors unlocked either. I like the idea of just going w/the luck of the draw. Sometimes if you think about it too much it becomes a stress point and this is NOT supposed to be a stressful time, lol. We "requested" a specific area for our Atrium suite at CSA and were a bit bummed when we realized we were nowhere near where we wanted to be....however about 10 minutes after settling in, we couldn't have cared less where our room was located!!!

    Thanks again for your valuable input.


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    We have stayed in the Deluxe Garden and booked it again for our next trip. For us we really like to be tucked away a little bit, surrounded by gardens/trees and loved the location of our room (we don't care about an ocean view). At CN and CSA we have been on the 2nd floor and that is what we prefer to most! I feel the privacy is better than 1st and I really wouldn't want to walk all the stairs to the 3rd floor.

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    Wow I just saw all of the additional replies. Thank you so much! Looks like we'll be saving some $$ and requesting a third floor garden. I do like to be high up. I know there are no guarantees but we shall see!!!!


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    As others said - Ocean/Garden is little difference. And don't even ask which buildings are Ocean v. Garden. I suspect that is a moving target that changes based upon bookings (rather than a definative "room XXXX is Deluxe Ocean").

    We always request 3rd floor.
    -tend to be slightly better views
    -more privacy
    -free exercise to walk off all of the all inclusive food & booze

    68 days & counting...

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