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    Hi all,

    I have just a quick question about getting a massage. Last year, my wife and I were married at Sans Souci, and received a 25 minute massage as part of the package. The massage was wonderful! We are going back to Couples this April, and are looking forward to more massages. Neither of us have ever had professional massages except for the one at Couples. We are wondering if the full hour massages are still fully focused on your back half, or if the therapists have you roll over and also massage your front half (legs, arms, stomach, chest, face, etc.)?

    Can anyone give any feedback on their massages?
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    The 25 minutes massage focuses on the backside as it is an abbreviated version of the full massage package (50 or 80 minutes). When you book the regular couples massage or other longer single person appointment, you can also ask your therapist to focus on one area or another.

    You can also view the spa menu to see if any of the other treatments appeal to you as well. I am not sure if all options are available as a couples experience. My favorites (my husband doesn't do massages so I go solo) are the bamboo fusion and the Package 99 (not on the regular menu but in the past has been a CSS special of part massage and body scrub treatment - best upon arrival before you get too much sun!).
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    The do an appropriate full body massage when you do an hour. We do the couples 25 minute massage first, then we go back and have an hour massage and enjoy them both. They are very discreet in the placing of the sheet that covers you. I love to get the Swedish massage for just relaxing but have had the deep tissue done for shoulder problems. Love the massages and looking forward to the next ones in 15 days. Is good Mon!

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    Thank you for your responses. My main wondering is, if they massage your front, how does a massage for a woman differ from a massage for a man?

    Another question we had, was regarding prenatal massages. I know the brochure states "prenatal treatments are not available." Does this mean they do not offer specialized services for pregnant women, or does it mean pregnant women cannot receive any form of massage, period?
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    I get a 1 hr swedish massage on every visit to Couples. They massage your back, back of your legs, then they turn you onto your back and massage your legs and shoulders, arms, and head area. They do not massage anything between your shoulders and upper thighs

    Very professional, have gotten massages in mexico, they will massage anywhere.

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    My husband had never had a massage before. With our resort credit we signed up for the 50 minute couples massage in the Hideaway. He was very hesitant but loved every minute of it. So much so that as we left our massage, he scheduled another one for two days later. We cannot wait to get back to CSS and have another one in the Hideaway. Our kids purchased a couples massage for us for Christmas! Hopefully Ruth and KerryAnn are still there! 21 more days!!
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    The couples massages are a lot of fun since they do both of you at the same time. (i.e. in tandem) The 55 minute massage covers front and back (arms, legs, hands, feet) and they are very careful to not make you uncomfortable. The first thing we do when we arrive is go straight to the spa and book a 55 minute couples massage for as early as we can for our first day. Its a great way to help you relax and get into island mode. Also helps after slugging around luggage the day before. We usually both book something separate in the middle then do our 25 minute return guest massages on our last day. I am fair skinned and had a facial instead of a massage just once which was nice. I try very hard not to burn. I can honestly say I've never had a bad massage at CSS or CN. We did the tree house massage at CN last year and that was a lot of fun. You can really hear the birds up that high.

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