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    Default Flag service on the beach CSA

    I've seen this mentioned a couple times. Do they still have it? If so, is it possible to have light food - patties, sandwiches - delivered in addition to drinks?

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    No food, flag service is spotty at best I've found for drinks

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    In December, they offered flag service, ending around 4pm. They do sometimes come around with fruit kabobs, but only do drinks. I never thought to ask about sandwiches, but we preferred to go sit down and have them or fish tacos. They have enough going on lol.

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    Just drinks delivered. I will walk down to the grill or get sweet potato chips at Seagrape to bring back to our seats. But, I always take back the plates so that we donít make extra work for the staff.

    Life is good

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    Fruit kabobs are every morning around 10:00. Flag service on the beach is all day long, but it's quicker to walk 20-50 steps to the nearest bar and get a drink and talk to the awesome bartenders.

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    no food, they are coming form the bars - some fruit kebobs and cold towels in the mornings - and yes, it is spotty

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    They have it when the weather isn't rainy. The usually bring fruit and wet towels early. They bring drinks from the beach bar so it's not coming from the cabana grill where food is. However the cabana grill will wrap it to go to eat on the beach. I have a patty in the ocean every day.

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    Was there last week and they have it. Dillon, who works at the beach bar closest to Patois a very nice young man.........look him up when you are there. He brings the flags around with a smile.

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