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    Default CN - Where to Get a Martini?

    Hello! We LOVED the martini bar at CSA. We're considering CN for our next trip because we now require an Au Natural section (lol) and I'm just wondering where we can go at night that has the equivalent of CSA's martini bar. WE LOVE EXTRA DIRTY GOOSE MARTINI'S. Can we acquire these at CN? The reason I ask is because we had difficulties getting them at CSA's piano bar. They didn't have grey goose and were very inconsistent with their top shelf alcohol. It seemed like the only place that we could guarantee an amazing martini was the martini bar.




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    In December, we got martinis at the piano bar, but it was hit and miss. My husband likes dirty martinis with gin. Bombay was hard to come by, but their other top shelf gin was ok with him...not sure what it was. Oddly, the bigger problem was olives and olive juice. When they were stocked, the martinis were great, but when they were out, they were out. The bartenders were good...friendly and quick. Don't bother with a cosmo...tasted like Koolaid. And its often chilly in there; I needed a sweater. Enjoy. CN is the best

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    We returned recently from CN and had no problem getting dirty martinis (though like kandl, ours were usually gin).
    I have had experience in the past where olives or Bombay may be temporarily unavailable, but not recently. Grey Goose was in the piano bar, where most of the top shelf brands can be found - but the next tier brands at bars like pool bar, beach grill bar, or main bar are high quality (e.g. for gin - Tanqueray).

    The bar in Lychee restaurant offers a Lychee Mojito as well as Lychee Martini - recommend trying them at least once. We haven't been to CSA in years but I think they had those as well so perhaps you've tried them already.

    Will second kandl's recommendation on sweater/shawl for piano bar, depending on time of evening you go. My guess is they crank temperature low early b/c it can get more crowded (and thus warm up) with people later if a disco or dance party happens later. Let's just say that if there is a dance party and a certain dancehall song plays inspiring the staff to dance, it can get....errrrr... hot.

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    We always found Grey Goose at the piano bar, although I'm sure at times it could be hit and miss. Also, thank you kandl for the reminder of a sweater, I'm adding that to my packing list right now. It does get really chilly at the piano bar.

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    Thank you both so much for the replies! I can't wait!! We enjoyed the piano bar at CSA so that works!!! Do they have disco nights every night or is it just a few times a week? At CSA the night club was sort of adjacent / part of the piano bar. Is it similar at CN? I CANNOT WAIT!!!!


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    I am a big fan of CN and CSA. Just be prepared that the nightlife at CN isn't as big as CSA. Piano bar is great. I know this is difficult but try not to compare the two, just enjoy. You are going to love it!

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    We love CN and do wish they had a martini bar similar to the one at CSA. We have found the only place to get a martini with top shelf is at the piano bar (but they are not consistent). Since you referenced your choice is based on an Au Natural section, you may want to consider CSS. We understand from another current post that they have now added a martini bar and it location is ideal for fantastic views. We will find out come April 23rd....

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    The most similarity between the piano bars at Swept Away and Negril is they both have Piano's. They do have a Dance Party one or 2 nights at the Piano bar and 1 night is Karaoke. The do not have the attached night club. When Paul Tucker, the pianist whom we both admire greatly, quits, usually around midnight, things are pretty well over, but the bar stays open until the last person leaves. The same with the other events held in the Piano Bar. We go to both Swept Away and Negril, and Paul is the huge if not the only reason that we keep going back to Negril. We love his style and the sing along much better at Negril. Ultimate Chocolate is fantastic, but it's more about entertaining at Swept Away, then getting the couples involved in a sing along.

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    I like crantinis or other flavoured vodka martinis. I was in heaven at CSA. Then the other 3 resorts fell flat. Hit or miss if they'd make them and how they'd turn out. Did try CN piano bar and was good and bad (soooo bad... and with an olive!?!) So remember the bartender who can make it and seek them out.
    Funny, staff do so well with blender drinks. Wish they would give creative martini training.
    Heard a martini bar is at CSS now. Maybe time to go back there anyway. LOL

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