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    Just booked airfare for July 11-21. Spending 3-4 days at CN, then moving to CSS. First timers to CN, so need to see if what the MB says is correct, that we will love it as much as CSS. Anyone else going to be there?

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    going to be there July 18th - 24th. First timers AN and First timer for Couples. Anyone going this week. Can't wait. Looking forward to meeting some new people and having a great weddingmoon. Getting married on the 20th )

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    We'll be there the 18th to 24th as well. Renewing vows on the beach at some point (10th anniversary).

    Will be our 5th trip to Jamaica, 4th to Couples, 2nd to Couples Negril.

    We honeymooned at CN in 2000 and haven't been back since.

    Can't wait to get there!!!

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    sounds good. congra. on the 10 years. we are counting down the days. We will be getting married on the 20th at 4:00pm. Marrying a girl I've known for 14 years and been seeing, at that point, 1 1/2 years. She is wonderful. Can't wait to get to negril and kick back with my baby and meet some new people. With all the great things I've heard about Couples and Negril I know this will be a trip to look forward to. Counting down the days....

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    Just found out for sure I've got the week of the 18th off. WOOHOO can't wait to get to Negril and have the wedding and honeymoon of a life time. Can't wait to meet some new people from around the world and have some good times together.

    Jon and Stacy
    Negril July 18th-24th
    Getting married on July 20th 4:00pm

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    Congrats on the pending nuptials!! You couldn't have picked a more beautiful place to do it!! We watched people getting married when we were there on our honeymoon and decided then that we would come back and renew on the beach for our 10th.

    You will meet the greatest people, both staff and guest alike.


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    Congrats on all the wedding and renewal plans. We are getting married July 10th in Portland and then spending our honeymoon in Jamaica. We will be at the Caves from July 11-14th. We will then me joining you from the 14-23rd. This is our first trip to Jamaica. We will be the pasty white couple from the Great Northwest. (Maybe lobster red by the 14th.)
    See you soon.
    Stacy & Jim

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    We will be at CN from the 11th to the 22nd, we were there first week of this past Feb and had a blast, can't wait for our return.

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    Can't wait to meet everyone. You can't miss the wfe and I. She'll be the prettiest one there and I'll be the "bald tattooed guy"

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    OK well cant miss us either, I will be the guy with alot of hair with one tattoo and she will be the vivacious lady with crazy pokey hair and more ink on her than I have on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by columbo View Post
    OK well cant miss us either, I will be the guy with alot of hair with one tattoo and she will be the vivacious lady with crazy pokey hair and more ink on her than I have on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just paid our balance and ready for July 11th 2010.

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    Woohoo bump. Gettin' close to a month.


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    Hi Bill and kathy. We are going to CN for the first time as well the same time as you. We get there on July 12th and will be staying until the 18th.

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    We just got our notice to "pay up" the balance of our love away plan today, so it makes the trip "real" now! Look forward to meeting you both. We'll only be there for a few days to "test the waters" then heading over to CSS. Hopefully our paths will cross shortly after arrival!

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    We will be there from July 10-17! Can't wait. 3 couples... First time to CN!

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