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    Default Topless sunbathing

    Can you tell me which CR's allow topless sunbathing? Which one has the most people topless on the beach? In the pools?

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    All of them allow topless sunbathing. CSA is the only one that doesn't have a nude beac though. You won't find people nude but there are always topless people.

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    I was at CTI in 2010, only topless sunbathing allowed at end of dock area. Perhaps more can join in on if that has changed? I was at CN & CSA in Dec. 2013, I only saw one woman topless sunbathing by the beach area at CSA. I guess it all depends upon the guests of the week one is there, with the Au Natural areas at some of the resorts, I think most may decide to bare all and be in those areas. The pools are not an area where people typically go topless. The beach area would be the primary spot. (In my observation)

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    CN, CSS & CSA all allow topless on the their beach, not at the pool. CTI allows at the end of the pier. Their beach is right below the lobby and Patio restaurant. I think the number of topless sunbathers just depends on the guests at the resort at that time.

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    No topless allowed at any of the "textile" pools.

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    CN, CSA, CSS all on the public beach not on the nude beaches they are nude only, on the pier at CSS not the beach, but I have heard of those using the beac topless there.

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    All the rules are in the FAQ link at the bottom of the main page:


    Each of our resorts is located on the most beautiful stretch of Jamaica's best beaches.

    Topless Sunbathing «

    Topless Sunbathing is allowed in designated beach areas:
    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

    Topless Sunbathing is NOT allowed in designated beach areas:
    Topless is NOT permitted at or in any of our swimming pools.

    Au Naturel «

    Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci and Couples Negril resorts have waterfront areas designated for 'au naturel' sunbathing. It is intended that these designated areas are for couples only, ie. not to be used by individual guests whose partner is unwilling or unable to participate.
    Couples Tower Isle's private 'au naturel' island, featuring a pool with swim-up bar, is open for nude sunbathing from 9am to 5pm daily, weather permitting The Island will close at 3pm on days when an “Island Wedding” has been confirmed. Transport by small boat to the 'au naturel' island is provided.
    Couples Sans Souci has a small bay (called Sunset Beach) dedicated to 'au naturel sunbathing'. There is a pool, Jacuzzi, bar and grill. Sunset Beach Hours:April – August: Au Natural Sunbathing 9-6pm . Sunset Beach opens to all guests at 6pm
    September – March: Au Natural Sunbathing 9-5pm. Sunset Beach opens to all guests at 5pm

    Couples Negril, a small semi-private beach area designated for au naturel sunbathing is located just off the main beach.
    'Au naturel' sunbathing is NOT permitted at Couples Swept Away.

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    I was at CTI for New Years eve 2013. Most of the topless sun bathers were on the dock at the end. One day when the dock was crowed the Island crowd had taken over the dock and the dock sun bathers were on the beach. While it might have been 'against the rules' no one seems to care that there were a few women with their tops off on the beach.

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