Hello all!

I am planning a wedding to a Couples resort--hopefully this January. We decided that a big 'ol wedding is just not our style. I don't want to deal with the stress--the hassle--or the money. My finance has always wanted to get married on the beach...so now we are going to! I tried to contact a travel agent--and I was NOT impressed. I guess I do not fully understand what their purpose is. It would be nice to have them to help me figure everything out--as far as the rooms and the wedding coordinator goes... however--- I found rates at Expedia.com/Priceline.com/and travelocity.com that would be at least $300 less. I am having my parents and his parents come...so that is over $1000 in savings..which is HUGE! Has anyone ever gone this route?

Also-- we are planning on doing the 'free' wedding..simple, sweet, to the point, and on the beach--can anyone elaborate on this? and what the 'free' wedding is like?

Lastly--I have been reading these threads like a mad woman--honestly I think I'm obsessed... I am stuck between CTI and CSS. I like the idea of the privacy of the CSS--but I LOVE the fact that CTI is newly remodeled--has EVERYTHING included (I was looking forward to horseback riding and the Catamaran ride...) I am pretty confident that CTI is my way to go... We really want a 1st floor walk-out room to the beach. Which room would this be? The deluxe or the superior? (At CTI)

I apologize for rambling--our time to figure this out is dwindling. We were originally going to get married at home in August--we found out that going in January was in our budget!

Please help!! Thanks. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!