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    We are CTI first timers - along with being Couples Resort and Jamaica first timers. Would be interested in any tips or advice about things to do (on or off resort) or things to bring that perhaps a first timer wouldn't necessarily think to do or bring. We'll be there first week in February.

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    Hey there we are first timers as well. We will be there the 10th - the 20th. Counting down the days. Can't wait.

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    You will most likely over pack. For us, most of the day we are in our swimsuits unless we are on an off resort excursion. Bring more than one swimsuit. Bring some t-shirts (men) and more than one cover-up (women). We will usually go back to the room, shower, and change late in the afternoon before dinner. Most of the time we will wear dress shorts and a blouse (women) or dress shorts and a light button down shirt with a collar (men). However, opinions will vary on this. We will usually wear this if we are going to the Patio or Veranda restaurants.

    You can get by wearing your beach attire for breakfast or lunch at the Patio Restaurant as long as you wear a shirt and sandals or a cover up and sandals for women. You can also wear beach attire at the Pool Grill. Also, keep in mind that the Pool Grill is open until just before breakfast. A great place to go for a late night snack.

    Some of the fancier restaurants will have a dress code. For example. Eight Rivers requires dress pants, dress shoes, and a shirt with a collar. For women a dress or dress shorts and a blouse. This is a classy place. If you plan on going to the Eight Rivers or Bayside resturaunt, you will need a reservation. Do this as soon as you get checked in. Go to the Concierge desk as soon as you get checked in as these fill up fast.

    During the evenings we will usually wear the same thing we would wear to the Patio or Veranda restaurants.

    You don't really need a jacket because it rarely will drop below 70F at night. For us, we will have a light jacket packed because we live in a cold wintry climate and it is just too cold to ride to the airport without at least a light jacket.

    Bring sunscreen. Something people forget. Bring some lip balm with as high of SPF rating as you can find. It is not much fun to get sunburned lips on your vacation.

    The beach has some rocky areas in the water. Not too bad. We prefer to wear some aqua shoes so that it is easier on the feet.

    Do all of the free stuff that the resort offers. Dunn's River Falls is a lot of fun. We also snorkel every chance we get. However, space is limited and there is a sign up list. GO to the Water Sports shack by the pier to sign up for snorkeling and the glass bottom boat trip.

    Tipping. There is a no tipping policy on the resort that is strongly enforced. You would not want to be responsible for getting someone fired. Off of the resort is different and tipping is expected. Bring along enough small bills for tips. I usually tip the person at the airport that loads our bags onto the bus $5. I will tip the bus driver $10. If any of the off resort excursions includes a tour guide I will also tip them $5 to $10 depending upon how good of job they did.

    There are vendors selling souvenirs on the resort. Low pressure. Don't be afraid to negotiate as many will accept a reasonable fair offer. Most take cash. Otherwise, most of the time your wallet will be locked up in the safe inside your room.

    Don't be afraid to try the island. Sometimes it is good to get outside your comfort zone. Be warned that the island is not topless or clothing optional. You are expected to get completely naked. Don't worry, people won't stare. You don't need to get undressed the moment you step foot on the island. Find some chairs and get settled first, then take your clothes off. If you get too uncomfortable, all you need to do is pt your clothes back on and go back to the dock. But is really isn't all that bad. You just might like it. When you go back to the dock with clothes on this is the signal to the boat driver to come back and get you.

    My only other advice is to bring a good attitude. Enjoy the resort. Enjoy each other .

    Only 15 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little bit closer every day.

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    My husband and I will be back for our second time. We arrive February 10th! CTI is such an awesome place. We were so afraid to try another place because we had such a great time. As for tips and advice it depends what your looking for. My husband and I love dancing and night life. Although there is a free shuttle to and from Margharitaville it leaves the resort at 10:30 pm and comes back at 12pm. My husband and I like to stay out later so the next time we hired a private driver for fifty dollars who drove us where we wanted to go and stayed on site with us. We visited probably five or six night clubs in one night. $ 50 was a great deal! I will say that if you decide to do anything outside of the resort's accomadations you should be very careful. Ocho Rios is just like any other city. Use your common sense and have a blast. And do try some of the excursions! Remember everything is no problem Mon in Jamaica!

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    Thank you for all the great tips and advice. We'll definitely try the island. It may be a bit out of our comfort zone but what the heck, right? Life is short, have fun!

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    Hiya everyone! Not our first time to Jamaica but our first to CTI and we're bringing our close fun friends with us. We are so exciting to be coming back to Jamaica and some great fun. We're really looking forward to checking out the island for some fun relaxing au natural fun. We're all coming 4/26 - 5/3 and cannot come soon enough!

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    hey my husband and I will be at CTI from 4/24/14 to 5/3/14, this will be our 1s visit to CTI in 2012 we stayed at CSA and it was wonderful.. we have never experienced fun in the Sun Au Natural. I hate to say it but I am a bit of a prude and most likely would not be brave enough to go au natural, my husband is the adventurous one in our relationship. He wants to go to the island, but the policy states that men must be accompanied by a lady when visiting the island, who know's maybe I will change my mind you never know..LOL LOL

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    it's not like you think. Nobody cares nobody stares, just a bunch of people having a good time. If you do make it out there, say hello to Richie for me (AKA Crabracer)

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    Me and my Fiance will be arriving 9/28/14 for our honeymoon and this will be our first time Jamaica and Couples! We are beyond excited! I love reading all these message boards because they are giving me great ideas on what to do and what to see when we arrive! Only 184 days until we will be in paradise!


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    My wife and I will be there Nov 30 to Dec 8, our first time to CTI. We have been to CN many times and this year we decided to change it up a little. Mad Jack pretty much described the way it is at CN, so I am sure we will like it. I am looking forward to trying out everything out including the island. I am the more the adventurous one too, but my wife is a pretty good sport. Any suggestions from the CTI repeaters?

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