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    Default How Do Split Stays work ?

    I know this question has probably been asked millions of times so apologies in advance !!! We were originally going to visit CSA for 12 nights but have now extended our stay to do 1 week at CSA and 1 week returning to CN... Will we get the same benefits at each resort ? Or will it be classed as one visit.... ?

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    No apologies needed. You won't know till you go...but you can find out a lot from those on the message board that do.

    In answer to your questions, the nice part about Couples Resorts is that, while they are part of one resort chain, they are all independently operated. This means that you will get the same benefits at each resort, it will be treated as two separate stays (i.e. 2 check-ins) but you'll get to experience two different resorts. And, oh by the way, they'll transport you between the two resorts on the day you switch at no cost and when you're ready. It's not like going to a hotel at home where if you've seen one you've seen 'em all. Each Couples Resort is unique so each will be an equally great experience. The only thing that we've found the same at all four resorts is the staff and service. Get ready to be pampered and enjoy meeting some of the most humble, gracious and caring people you'll ever find at a resort. You may even find a few guests you'll like also.

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    If you booked it as two separate bookings, whether online or by phone, and you have two reservation numbers and paid two deposits, it is two separate bookings.
    What benefits are you referring to? Repeater gifts? Resort credit? Repeater dinners?
    Back in 2010/2011 (over NY) we did a split - CTI and CSS, 7 nights each. We booked at one time, but it was two bookings with $800 deposit. We received all of the above. At that time there was a substantial early booking promo of resorts credits, so we checked with Couples directly and had it confirmed (ya mon, two bookings).
    Now, if you book as one package on some booking website or through a travel agent, you may not get everything. Best to call Couples and confirm.

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    Thanks Bart & Bug, we are repeaters but have only done CN, and I think my question was a bit vague too !!! so really I was asking in a roundabout way if we stay a week at CSA and do repeaters dinner there, then move to CN would we be able to do repeaters dinner there too... Would they be classed as two repeat stays one at each resort ? and I think you have answered the question too.....

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    You're welcome. Absolutely...if you were to stay at CSA and then move to CN you'd be able to do the repeaters dinner at both resorts. Have a great visit!

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    Thanks Bart and Bug... Not that we're greedy or anything !!! We loved our repeaters dinner last time and the thought of two is just awesome... We're going to sit down and work out our countdown.... We've been a bit naughty and have two vacations between now and then so it's going to be multiple countdown... Very different though, I'm already planning my wardrobe for Couples !!!

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    You're welcome. No need to apologize and you're not being greedy. You're simply taking advantage of a repeaters perk. It would be like feeling bad because you're going to a "beach party" at both resorts. It's offered and you're choosing to go. We've done it on split stays and I'm sure others have you won't be the first. Hope your 2 vacations go well and you have a great stay at both Couples Resorts. Oh by the way, if you haven't already you need to sign up for Romance Rewards. There are benefits you can get at both resorts as you'll be checking into each as a separate event.

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    Thanks Bart and Bug... We're really looking forward to our Negril return. Already planning to use our resort credit at the Spa at CSA and a treehouse dinner at CN... and won't forget to do our pre check in...

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