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    Default CTI Ocean views from rooms- opinions

    We are booked in a superior ocean view room for our upcoming visit. I see from the map this is in building 5. How are the views? Are they good fairly unobstructed views? Would it be worth looking into changing rooms if the view would be better elsewhere?

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    We stayed in building 5 and had a great view of the ocean but we were fairly close to the beach end of the building. I would imagine if you were on the street end it may be a bit more restricted. Also it's on the far side of the property so it's quiet all the time (other than the sound of the waves breaking)

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    The superior rooms are nice they are far enough away from the noise but still a nice view. The weddings are right below building 5. I like to sit out on the balcony and watch the weddings.

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    Building 5 faces the other direction and doesn't look out over Tower Isle. The view would still be nice from the ocean end higher up, but from the lower floors at the other end, maybe not. When we were there foliage blocked some of those views.
    We had a Deluxe room in building 4 and all rooms had great views.

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    There is no bad ocean view at CTI. The resort is so close to the beach you will have a great view no matter what building your in. In fact we never upgrade because the view is just as beautiful to us in every room.

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    You could get a room in building 5 that has obstructed views depending upon occupancy, I would upgrade to deluxe

    Look at the map, the far end of building 5 would not have a great view of the ocean if any.

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    Here is the view from room 314:

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    And here is a view from the top floor in between buildings 4 and 5

    Name:  4.5.jpg
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    do you recall which room number that was ? we are heading out in two weeks (peak time) and I suppose it may be difficult to upgrade once on site --- it would be nice to have an idea of the better superior ocean views from building 5.

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    That last picture labeled "And here is a view from the top floor in between buildings 4 and 5" looks like a picture between buildings 3 and 4 not 4 & 5, building 5 is not that close to the swim up pool.

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    Our reservations say "Deluxe Ocean Room". How is that different from "superior ocean view"? Terms are all so confusing.

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    Those views are perfect! Hopefully we will end up in a room like that!! 31 DAYS!!!

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    This was the view from the path at the ocean/balcony side of building 5 when we were there. Unless they trimmed the foliage, you can see what some of the views would be like.
    Name:  IMG_1830_sm.jpg
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    This was our view from 4101
    Name:  IMG_1779_sm.jpg
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    And again from our room, but looking left
    Name:  IMG_1780_SM.jpg
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    The second picture is between building 3 and 4, the stairs leading down to the main floor.
    These are looking out from building 5

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    Name:  DSC_3161-1.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    That last picture labeled "And here is a view from the top floor in between buildings 4 and 5" looks like a picture between buildings 3 and 4 not 4 & 5, building 5 is not that close to the swim up pool.
    I believe you are correct. My mistake

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    I too am wondering, I know that they will not guarantee a specific room, but you can always ask. We are booked in a Premier Ocean and I am wanting a quiet room. We typically go to bed early and are up by daybreak.. I know, why I'm on vacation, However, that's just how are clocks are wound. So back to my original request, specific buildings and room numbers, please. Thanks!

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    We have stayed in building 5 and there's a great view of the swim up pool bar and the all day party there. We have upgraded to premier ocean view every trip since then and I love that one personally. We get a more central view. We hang out on our own balcony a lot and it's relatively quiet actually and seems more private. Near the pool it seems like people are looking right up at you, from the center they are barely aware you are there. The rooms in that building are older and most of them are larger, many with walk in closets, larger balconies, just more room to stretch out and be comfortable in. Right out the door down the elevator and you're in the front lobby. I didn't like the long strolls through the dark halls to get to the center of everything. Just our take on it. Everybody has their own preference.

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    Deluxe in bldg 4 gets you view of the island. Bldg 5 looks west, over the sea and down the coast.

    Name:  cti bldg map.jpg
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