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    Default Time to fall in love again

    As our 14th trip to a Couples Resort nears, I find myself once again dreaming and thinking about the magical days that await my wife and I when we return. We can't wait to fall in love all over again, and enjoy each other's company each day. Couples has found the perfect recipe that makes it possible for couples to renew their love for each other. Do you agree?

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    We feel the same way.

    Returning to CTI in 20 days. Getting a little closer every day.

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    Absolutely!! With two kids who are in school and very active in extra curricular activities, work, and just life in general, it is great to have that one on one time together. It's been three years since we have taken a nice vacation with just the two of us. We cant wait to celebrate our 20th anniversary at CN in 95 days! We debated about it quite a bit (the expense, leaving the kids, etc..) but decided that we really need, deserve, and want this time together. This is our fourth trip to Couples and although we look at other vacation destinations when we are lucky enough to get to go away, we can just never quite tear ourselves away from Jamaica and Couples!

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    Absolutely YES!!!

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