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    Default October Weather

    My fiance and I want to get married in October, but we're worried about the rain!

    Has anyone stayed at any of the resorts in October? If so, how was the weather?

    Thank you!!

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    We have been to CSS twice in Oct and the weather has been fine. Couple of showers here and there but usually good. We also were married in Oct at CSS. You will be fine.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    We have been to CSA twice in 2011 for our honeymoon and 2012 for our 1st anniv. Both times we had great weather! We did get rain on a few days, but not more than a few hours. We were very lucky! I've heard that it rains most days but only showers and then it clears up. I think you are pretty safe as long as there is no hurricane going thru!

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    It's not the rain you should consider, it's the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane. I have been at CSA in October almost every year since 1999. The past three, we dealt with a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico that closed the beach one day and created rough surf for five days. Then we got nudged by Hurricane Sandy. Shut the beach for most of our nine days and the pool for two days. This past October, the weather was perfect. Most years, the weather was perfect, but it's changing and so are we. This past October was our last. We're moving our nine/ten day stay to the first week in December, starting this year.

    It rains daily in Jamaica. Usually in the late afternoon for an hour or so. If you do go in October, get married on the beach in the morning. Suzi and I got married last April (4/20), first wedding of the day. The other four got rained on and forced inside. It never rains in the morning. Congratulations, by the way.
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    You're going to a resort in the tropics during hurricane season and worried about rain? Sorry for the sarcasm, but yeah... It's going to rain! This past October, we didn't have a hurricane, just rain each day. October 2012 was Hurricane Sandy. Depending on which side of the island you were on, it was unpleasant or bad. We go to CSA so it was unpleasant with the brief power outages, high winds and lots of rain. The resort prepares for the hurricanes, so all beach furniture and boats are removed, and all pool furniture goes IN the pools, rendering all non-user friendly. October 2011 was very high winds from a hurricane out to sea, and lots of rain. We are moving our 2nd trip each year to December starting in 2014.

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    This past October we were there for 11 days and it rained 1 day for 30 minutes - that's it!

    The year before, hurricane sandy barreled through!

    The short version is you can get rain any/every day in Jamaica but as long as there isn't a hurricane around,then any rain should be brief.

    If you're set on October - try to do it as late as possible in the month and you will reduce the chances of rain even more.

    We love October because it's cheaper which means we can stay longer for the same $$$

    But it comes with risks so insurance is a must.

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    I have to say we go to CTI every year in the first two weeks of October. We have never been hit by a hurricane and we have never had bad rain day after day. We have been there and had almost uninterrupted sun the whole time and other trips a few thunder storms. The weather is unpredictable at any time of year. We went in April one year and it rained for three days solid. Last Christmas it was windy and the water rough and not very warm. Our regular October trip is already booked and we will be watching out for the 2015 offeres next Month. I would say don't let the weather put you off.

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    It really does depend. I read with interest several replies here that said this past October they only had 1 day of rain. We were at CSA for 7 days and CN for 8 days and it rained all but 3 days as I recall. Always in the AFTERNOON, usually around 1 to 1:30. Sometimes just a brief shower or so, and 2 different times a 2 or 3 hour rain. Usually by 5 everything was back to no rain. It does not seem to bother people too much, didn't us we sat on the veranda or porch and enjoyed each others company. Sometimes we just sat in our beach chairs and enjoyed the cooling off. We kind of look at it as God saying hey, you have had enough sun for a while. Really what I'm trying to say as others have or will, it's the weather they have for the time of year. Go enjoy it, and get married before noon. Better time anyway not so hot and humid. I think we saw 3 or 4 weddings a day at CSA as our veranda was across from the wedding area. They timed them pretty good to dodge the rain drops and one was even in a gently falling rain. Enjoy and congrats.

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    If you are considering one of the Negril resorts do be aware that both resorts have their anniversary celebrations the weekend before Columbus Day. We have been at Swept Away then and it was a wonderful time. Expect to see a full resort at that time.
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    No doubt it is going to rain a little bit!!!! We renewed our vows on the beach this past Oct 2013...about 11am. Beautiful day. As Fawn stated do it early!! Congrats and enjoy. I love Jamaica in October!

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    You can look this up. October is THE rainiest month of the entire year. We have been twice in October hoping for the best and we were rained out both times.
    We still had a great time….

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    You can look this up. October is THE rainiest month of the entire year. We have been twice in October hoping for the best and we were rained out both times.
    We still had a great time….
    We're going into consecutive trip 11, and we may just be lucky on our day choices. The rainiest year still was far from "rained out". If there's no lightning, you can find me in the water; rain or shine.

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