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    Default CSS Repeater Dinner on day of arrival?

    I think I read that the Repeat Guest dinner at CSS is on Thursday night... is that correct? I mistakenly expected it to happen the same day as the ones we have attended at CN. So we might just make it if it is indeed Thursday night.

    If it is Thursday, that will be the day we arrive and we probably won't check in until maybe as late as 5 - 5:30 PM.
    Assuming we feel like attending after a long day of travel how do we go about making that happen?

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    CSS repeater dinner is now on Wednesday. Managers' cocktail part moved to Monday evening.

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    The Repeaters dinner is on Wednesday, so no worries!

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    According to this website, the repeaters is Wednesday at CSS. We arrive on a Wednesday in the fall around the same time so not likely we'll get to the repeaters as not likely we'll feel like going after a travel day.

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