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    Default Diving Couples Negril for Certified Divers

    We'll be at Couples Negril in early March, and it's our first time staying with a Couples. I believe the website says they go out for a morning dive for Certified Divers only - what time do we meet at the Dive shop?

    It's been a year since we've been diving, does Couples make you jump in the pool for a quick refresher? Sandals does, even though we've been diving 12 years - I don't mind that they do this, it's for our safety afterall, but I am anxious to get out diving the morning we arrive so I'm curious what to expect.

    Hubby and I like to dive every morning, and aren't interested in the afternoon dives, because we're usually belly up to the pool bar by 11:00 am, so I'm hoping they let us go out the first morning we're there. We don't arrive at the resort until about 6:00 pm and I'm sure the watersports center will be closed by then. Is it mandatory to sign up the day before?

    If anyone can share their recent experience with CN dive policies, I'd appreciate it. With other resorts, sometimes I find the website isn't always up to date with current policies, so it's nice to hear personal experience.


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    They used to post on the web site all watersport times, but, no longer. The morning dive is at 9:00, but they want you there at 8:30 or so. That's the deeper dive of the day. If it's been more than a year since your last dive, you may have to do the refresher dive at an additional cost. If there is room, you should be able to sign up for the dive in the A.M., just get to the dive hut when it opens, then sign up for the next day also. Can't wait to get wet!

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    I've never had a problem at any of the Couples resorts showing up early 8am ish our first morning and getting on the 9am dive. We usually travel in off season though. Just make sure you have your dive card and dive book. I have heard them offer people a refresher course but they have never told us we had to take one and we never have. We usually only dive once a year while at Couples. I am with you - after the morning dive I life to park my self on a beach chair for the rest of the day but DH sometimes goes back out in the afternoon without me!


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    Just returned from a December visit.
    Morning show time was 0830. Boat departs about 0900. You can stop in the afternoon before and fill out paperwork, show C card etc, and sign up for the next days dive.

    When you show up for the morning dive, sign up for the following days dives.

    Afternoon dives I think were a 1:00 show time.

    Boat ride is about 10to 15 minutes to dive sites, briefing on the way. They dive as a group so everyone descends/ascends at the same time. Depending on the group depends on dive time. Our dives averaged about 45 minutes.

    Nights dives are a sign up on the board and it was a great drift dive.

    Not sure if they require a refresher dive or not.
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