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    Default CSA Room Questions?

    I want to get a Verhanda Suite but I am having trouble deciding if Beachfront is worth the upgrade? Do you get Breachfront view from just the verhanda or front the room windows/ in front of the bed as well? How good are the views from the ocean verhanda suites? Or should I save the bucks and book a garden verhanda suite. I did want the Great House Jacuzzi Suite but It doesn't seem to be available. Is the Great house a prime location? Maybe I should book the Great house verhanda suite? So undecided! Pls help!

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    We stayed in an Ocean Verandah and LOVED it!! But if you want a 100% unobstructed view, go for the Beachfront. All of those rooms are right on the beach. Not all of the rooms will have windows above the bed, only the rooms on the ends of the building. For us, it wasn't worth the upgrade because we don't spend much time in the room. The Great House is also very nice, but those rooms are more like a hotel. The doors open to a hallway, whereas with the other Verandah rooms, they open to the outside.

    Here are our pics of the Ocean Verandah. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks, the pics do help. The tropical view is just a nice but we never have had an ocean view. Did you like being on the ground level or would the view be better from a higher floor 2 or 3? If the verandah rooms are esentially the same then maybe I will just upgrade our airline seats? On the resort map it looks like there is a pool between a group of buildings on the swimup bar side, is that correct? Is there a way to find out what the building numbers are? Can you request a particular block?

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    I know some Ocean Verandah Rooms will be better than others, but we sure as heck liked ours:

    This was from a few weeks ago, Room 4309 (an end unit, so we also had the windows/shutters over the headboard). It was also the third floor - lots of steps to climb, but the view made it worthwhile.

    One of the advantages in the OVS is you also get some degree of view of the folliage there.

    Kind of the best of both world, IMO.

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    My consern with the Beachfront on the main level was foot traffic right in fron of the room. Is the bechfront not worth the upgrade? Should I just stick with Ocean front?

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    I loved being on the ground floor, but you're right, you'd have a better ocean view from the Ocean Verandah if you were on a higher floor. As for the beachfront, the ground floor does have foot traffic because it's right on the main sidewalk path. But those higher floors would be okay. It's up to you if you want to upgrade. For us, we're only on the balcony in the morning and evening before dinner. The view from the Ocean Verandah was great for us.

    I have a map of CSA with all of the building numbers that I can send you ( When I post it on here it's too small to see all of the numbers.

    If you are looking at the map, on the side with the swim-up bar (the Verandah room side), what you see as a small pool in between a group of buildings is actually a hot tub. You can see this better on the map I have.

    You can request a particular block but there is no guarantee that you'll get it.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Ladies if you don't mind I'll add my two cents worth to the conversation. My wife & I and another couple were at CSA back in December. We were both upgraded from Garden Veranda Suites to Ocean Veranda Suites because the resort was booked solid and we had to spend the first night in the lowest category room, the Garden Suite. In any event, neither of us had a decent view of the beach. We were on the second floor, interior room 3210, and had the view directly down at the hot tub which I'll post a picture of. The view out from the veranda to the ocean was totally blocked by voliage. We were a little disappointed at first but I think we were on the veranda about 3 or 4 times during the whole week so "No Problem Mon!" My advice is to get the cheapest room that meets your requirements and just enjoy the grounds when you're outside the room. If you're a room person and like to hangout there then try an Atrium suite which looked really nice with the hammock. I hope the pictures and my advice help with your decision.

    Well good luck and enjoy your time in Paradise!!!

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    I would love the map that you mentioned! I will e-mail your hotmail address directly for you to reply! Thanks.
    You are right! That isn't much of a view, I would consider that to be a garden view. I would be a bit miffed if I had paid extra and did not get any of the view that I thought I would have. I believe that I am simply going to book a garden verandah and upgrade if we see fit or if it is an option at the resort. All the verandah suites have essentially the same room so I think I will spend less there and more elsewhere like first class airfare. My husband is 6'6" so it would be welcomed!

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    We are at the resort. If you book a GHVS get a room that ends in 05 or 06 5105, 5106, 5205 or 5206. Great Ocean view we can hear the waves and it's very very private Our room is 32 steps from the entertainment and the internet cafe is in the great house.

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    I love the BFVS. Booked an OVS because the tour op doesn't have any BFVS on their allocation but think I am going to upgrade direct with Couples. Had a 2nd floor last time but would prefer to be on the 3rd if we get the choice.
    Cravisun - My husband is 6^6" too. We are flying Thomson with the premium upgrade.

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    We have stayed in the BFVS on 3 different trips, and it's all about location. I can spend all day on the beach reading, but Bob likes to hangout late in the afternoon on the verandah and take advantage of the mini-bar and relax. It is so amazing to be that close to the beach, so for us it is worth it. We like the 3rd floor rooms for the view (amazing sunsets!).

    The greathouse verandah suites are newer and a little bit swankier than the BFVS. The bathrooms are very basic in the BFVS. They are spotlessly clean, but no marble, brass or fancy tile work. I just like to point this out since I was a tiny bit disappointed in the BFVS bathrooms on our first trip.

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