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    Default Upgraded to Atrium Suite from GreatHouse

    Hoping I made the right call on this one

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    We stayed in an atrium suite and loved it!

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    I would say you will be happy with the Atrium. We used to book Ocean Verandah rooms but switched to the Atriums a few years ago to save a few bucks on our trips. We have been very happy with the Atrium rooms. They are a bit more rustic than the Greathouse or Verandah buildings, but very comfortable and quiet. Don't be intimidated by the shuttered/screened windows, your room will be cool with the A/C and quiet with the shutters closed. Most Atriums are situated in the middle of the property and surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Very pretty. Ask for an upper room if you want to experience the vaulted ceilings, very cool, but don't be disappointed with a first floor room either, which provide another access through the verandah doors. Great rooms, great resort.

    See you at the beach!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Best decision ever!

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    We stayed in an Atrium in December, absolutely lovely! My daughter stayed in an ocean view verandah suite, our location happened to be better than theirs, # 2236 (the map has the location incorrectly), but it is in the same building of the Premier Beachfront suite, our shutter from our room looked directly to the ocean, literally steps away from the beach. We did not have a hammock, but it was the 2nd floor, just a delight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steger2 View Post
    We stayed in an atrium suite and loved it!

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    Great excited

    Thanks everyone

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    I think the Atriums are the best value in the resort. They have more of a traditional, tropical feel about them than the Great House, or Ocean Verandahs for that matter.

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    2236 will try to get

    Thanks IG. And friends

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    BEST DECISION EVER. Atriums are amazing. Great House....ugghhhh.....Motel 6 style in my opinion. When we were at CSA and looked at the Great House rooms we decided we would have had such a different experience. The Atriums are so different from any other room you've ever stayed in. We're actually booking CN for the Au Natural section and we are so bummed that they don't have the same style rooms as CSA's Atriums.


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    You did--no worries!!!! We stayed in a beachfront suite (#2230), which was styled the same as the atriums, but in the front block of buildings w the premier beachfronts, and the atriums were right behind us. Absolutely amazing rooms....we LOVED the plantation shutters....the balcony is to die a room in itself lol. Our view was stunning to say the least...straight shot of the ocean and beach and.... Oh God I can't wait for our return home to CSA in May 2015. I'll feel better once it's booked lol.

    Enjoy your will not be disappointed. As someone else said, the Greathouse is a different feel and vibe, and you would like have a VERY diferent experience. You're gonna have the time of your life!!!!!! One love

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    Thanks all

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