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    couples negril holds a very special place in my hart / life... my wife and i went there 3 yrs ago when things with our oldest sons personal life weren't so good, we were pulling apart a couple ... couples negril brought us back together and closer then ever before,,, now today 49 days before heading back real life has jumped up and kicked us in the shin, our second son is going through times of his own,, and a possible financial unrest could be ahead.. we booked this trip months ago and have been counting down the days to our return home.. to get the full refund on our deposit from couples i need decide in 2 days.... the question is unfair but i need to ask should i cancel the trip or hope that couples can do its magic again,,

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    Just go. There is never the "right" time if you wait. Remember "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans". If financial troubles are ahead then you will be able to face them head on when you need to. If you don't go now something else could keep you away and sounds like you could truly use this trip. I am not just talking through my hat here. The day after we returned from Couples last year, I lost my job of 15 yrs. I was DEVASTATED to say the least but, I had my memories of that trip to keep me going. We leave for CSA/CN on Feb 5th, almost a year to the day I was let go. I am still job hunting and at almost 53, interviewing is TOUGH.
    But, I have had something to look forward to since last June when we began our Love Away plan :-) and it has kept me sane. We are already talking about next year at Couples, because there WILL be a next year. Might not be the same time of year or same room catagory but can't imagine life without it to look forward to. So just GO!


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    Go on your trip, you deserve it

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    If it is a matter of money and your personal finances heading for a crisis, then I would say cancel while you can. If it is just a matter of "is this the right time for us to go?" then I would say hang on, count down the days and get on that plane to Jamaica. Some time away for the two of you could save a marriage and your future together. The two of you being strong together will be more beneficial to your kids than the possibility of feeling guilty for the problems of his parents on top of his own problems. Hope all works out for everyone.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    My opinion? Go, enjoy the trip! Your children have their own lives, you and your wife will be together forever!

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    Go. You can't take care of anyone if you don't take care of you first. Refresh, re-energize, then do whatever you need to do.

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    I always feel as a parent it is so important to stay connected as a couple, a great role model for your children to let them know there is a solid foundation in the marriage. Unless the financial need is dire, you really may need this to reconnect and be strong for your son. We just returned last month from a stay at CN and CSA. It certainly recharges one's battery, physically and mentally. Ultimately you will feel what will provide the best for your son, but I would imagine he would want you to go, I know my children would feel that way. All the best to you.

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    So is the financial unrest your son's or yours? If it is yours and perhaps worried about house payments being met down the road- then I would cancel. If it son's financial worries, then I would go. You as parents have done your job raising your children- and there are always going to be worries and problems with our kids. But you have to take of yourselves first and foremost because if you don't you won't be able to be there for your kid(s).

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    I agree with everyone and say GO!!!!!!!! No time better than the present and you don't know what life will hold, so don't lose the time and memories that can be with you forever and give you strength later when you need it.

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    thanks for all positive feed back,, my wife and i talked it over and decided to go... just nice to hear the support from other people... there in 46 days

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    That's great news andypapa. Wishing all the best to you and your family.

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    Although I realize you've already decided and I am just now stumbling upon this thread, I wanted to tell you this..... I'm glad you decided to go! It is so important as a married couple to keep special time for each other. Even more so when pressed with stresses of life, whether our own or that of our children, which ultimately is still "ours"...because they are ours. Hang in there! Everyting will be irie--maybe not on your terms or your timing--but it'll work out. My parents likely often felt the same concerns over me in my younger years. Had they not stuck together and kept living their lives, I might not have made it through my own crap. It was their strength and guidance that helped get me where I am. Had they not contiued to take care of themselves and worried more about my needs....God knows how it would've played out. Let Jamaica and CN refresh and renew your minds, bodies, souls, and spirits! Thats what Couples does best....and that's why we all love the brand SO much and feel they are family! One love

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