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Thread: Yoga at CTI?

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    Default Yoga at CTI?

    My partner and I are heading down to CT in May. We want to do yoga while we are there, if possible. Does anyone know about the timings or and info on the classes? Do we bring our own mats? Thank you

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    They don't post a schedule for Yoga on this website, but I think they have it every day. There is a Yoga Room near the Fitness Center. Check the Yoga Room or the Fitness Center for a current schedule.

    The difficulty level will depend upon the skill and experience level of the people attending each individual class. If the class has a bunch of novices or beginners, they will adjust the class to that level. If the class is mostly experienced people, they will adjust the class to that level.

    I think they have mats for you to use as people can do these classes on a whim. However, they will let you use your own mat if you have the spare luggage space to bring your own.

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