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    Where the river enters sunset beach at CSS, can you cross that river and access more beach, on the other side.

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    Right on the other side of the river is another private resort. Another couple posted that when they tried to cross, the couples security guard advised them against it.
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    The other side of the river is not on CSS property. Not sure if it is a public beach, or if it belongs to another resort. There is a beach, though.

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    you could... You can also cross the sea and access the beaches in Cuba. Neither is a really good idea though.

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    usmc7236 - Are you for real? What do you think is going to happen to you? Every time we go, I cross over to Shaw Park beach - just tell the security guard. It is public and you can actually walk all the way to the blue house which is a rental. Enjoy the walk and maybe you will meet some very nice Jamaicans along the way. On the weekends, there are a lot of families enjoying the beach. Up the river there are a couple of places for a cold one.

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    My gut feeling is that usmc7236 is quite capable, not particulary worried and can deal with more than I ever could. That said, I have thought about taking a Couples hobie cat to Cuba but I don't think they are "all inclusive", so I turn around and go back to CN for a Red Stripe.

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