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    Can anyone tell me about the tennis at CSA.

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    It's great! They have both hard courts and har-tru, a visiting tennis pro gives both group & private lessons. They have some round robins in the afternoon and usually someone who always is looking to hit. Have fun!

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    I don't play, but enjoyed taking lessons. My husband especially likes the clay courts. I think there are 10 courts total.

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    Remember you are in Jamaica. It gets very HOT in the afternoons. Nice courts.

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugz2020 View Post
    Can anyone tell me about the tennis at CSA.
    A couple of more comments to those who have posted...

    A visiting pro plus 3 or 4 local pros. Visiting pros run roundrobins and clinics. They have beginner/intermediate/advanced clinics scheduled, but sometimes will combine 2 if not enough people.

    Private lessons limited to 1/2 hour each, but they will do a one hour lesson for 2 people.

    Courts are night lit if you prefer to play when it's cooler.

    Rental racquets are pretty current and in decent shape for those who don't want to carry their own.

    They do supply balls if you ask... a new tin every time!

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    Can't wait

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    <a visiting tennis pro gives both group & private lessons.>

    Actually, it's the on-site pros who give the private lessons and the visiting pros who do the clinics. This is a great thing, imo, because the local pros are terrific and the visiting pros are hit or miss. Ashford is a very sweet man and wonderful for beginners-intermediate. For more advanced players, I recommend David and Brenton. David is younger and a star player himself, so he really knows the modern game too.

    The round robins are a lot of fun and non-competitive...just social. They and the clinics are a great way to meet people of your level and do some game matching. We've found the clinics sometimes to be worth our time and sometimes not, depending again on how good the visiting pro is. We usually try it on a Monday and only return after that if we liked it. Otherwise, we just schedule privates. The clinics and round robins only run on weekdays, but privates are 7 days a week. You can schedule them up to 3 days in advance at the Sports Desk. We've also made our own clinics by finding 3 players and combining our privates into a 90 minute clinic. I agree with everyone who mentioned the heat and humidity. It surprises us every time how much it affects us while we play. And we are used to the humidity of a DC summer. We always play early.

    There are so many great tennis options at CSA...the tennis is absolutely awesome!!!

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