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    Default Double digit dance!!

    Only 99 more days till we are back at CN to celebrate our 20th anniversary! This is our 2nd trip to CN. We have been to CTI (when it was COR) and CSS as well. Loved them all for different reasons. Its been 3 years since our last trip and we couldn't be more excited to go back!

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    I know exactly how you feel - I have 90 days till I am back at CN - this will be our 4th trip. Thinking about it helps get me through the cold and snow where I am.

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    Double digit dance for us too! 99 days until CN! Our first time..CTI last year. Had a great time..hoping to love CN too!

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    We're dancing up a storm here too. 88 days and we return for our 37 visit to CTI. It is a great feeling.

    Dance my friends, dance.

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    Down to 97 days here! So excited! It's our 3rd time to CTI. Thinking about giving CN a try next year!

    CTI 3/10
    CTI 4/13
    CTI 5/14!

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    Talk about dancing up a storm... 2 weeks from today and we will be sunning ourselves at CSS! We absolutely can't wait!

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    99 days until our CN/CSA split ... Dancing to Bob Marley.
    CN May 2005, CSA May 2011, CSS May 2012, CTI/CSS May 2013, CB December 2013, CN/CSA May 2014

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    13 weeks (91 days) from right about..............NOW, my new bride and I will be arriving for our first CSA experience. Can.Not.Wait.

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