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    Default Sunset cruise, snorkeling trip, other activities

    This is the first time to CTI. How is the sunset cruise and swimming while off shore? Is the snorkeling outing really nice? Can you take a kayak from the resort to snorkel if you have your own snorkel gear? Excited about the trip and just trying to fit everything in the short time we are there. How long is the snorkeling excursion? Thanks!!

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    The catamaran cruise is a lot of fun and shouldn't be missed! They'll take those on the excursion to a cove after some time sailing around where those that would like can jump in and float around.

    The snorkeling excursion is one of the highlights of our visits. There are a few reefs they can take those wanting to do this where you're able to see some of the Jamaican sea life. It's usually a good idea to bring your own gear...except fins, so as to get a better fit. The excursion takes about 60 minutes, total time, from the time leaving the resort until return. They give about "30 Jamaican minutes" of snorkel time on the reef. We've not tried taking a kayak from the resort to do this and aren't sure they'd allow it.

    Hope you have a great visit to CTI. It's a great resort with wonderful staff.

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    There are at least 3 locations they will take you snorkeling. The locations they take you to is somewhat random. They may ask how many people have been to one of the locations so that they can take you someplace new. One of the locations they took us to is close to Sans Souci. They take you to a shipwreck, very cool. An old ship that was sank on purpose.

    You can go on these snorkeling trips as often as you like. We try to go every day if possible. However, space is limited and there is a sign up sheet. Go to the Water Sports Shack near the pier to sign up. This is also where you sign up for the Glass Bottom Boat trip.

    The last times we went to Couples, we used their snorkeling gear. It is not the best, but not all that bad either. We bought our own gear mostly because my wife has problems finding the gear small enough to fit her.

    As recommended earlier, the Catamaran trip is worth it. Sign up for this at the Concierge Desk as soon as you check in. Again, space is limited and it fills up fast. This trip is provided by a group outside of Couples so the "No Tipping" policy does not apply. I usually will tip the bartender a 5 and the ship's captain 10 at the end of the cruise.

    Only 22 more days until we return to CTI. Getting a little bit closer every day.

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    Awesome! I didn't realize you could do the snorkeling more than once!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emiller View Post
    Awesome! I didn't realize you could do the snorkeling more than once!
    Yes, and if you really want to have a blast take a roll, or two, from breakfast and put it in your pocket. This way it can get soggy once you get into the ocean and begin snorkeling. Once you find some fish take it out, break some off and let it sink. You'll have the most popular buffet on the reef and make lots of fishy friends!!

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    Oh yes, snorkeling is offered twice a day, every day! You can go on every single one of these if you want to! Make sure if you go to the Dickie's Reef location, to say hi to the barracuda I met last year!
    Is this Love that I'm feelin'?

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    Great info guys and gals!
    Can't wait to get to CTI!

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