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    We are headed to CSA and I have several nice pullover golf shirts. Are these appropriate dress along with shorts?

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    Golf shirts are fine. Shorts are fine anywhere but feathers. They make you wear long pants.

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    First, I am so jealous you are going so quickly! We are at 269 days. The golf shirts should work for all the restaurants. You will have to have slacks for Lemongrass and Feathers though. Make sure to pack closed toe sandals or dress shoes for your evenings at dinner. Enjoy it all!

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    I'm going out on a limb and guessing you're male. . My husband wears Tommy Bahama shirts with slacks and close-toed shoes for Feathers and Lemongrass, but a nice polo shirt is fine, too. Shorts shouldn't be worn to those two restaurants but are fine in the others.

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    Appropriate for what? Dinner, yes except for as stated, Lemongrass and Feathers. For just day time, T shirts and bathing suits.

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    Actually you can get away with nice shorts (not beachy ones) like khakis ther at Lemongrass if you want. Feathers is the only restaurant that requires long pants for men

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    Bob wears polo shirts almost exclusively during the evenings at CSA. Just a clarification, men do not need to wear slacks at Lemongrass. Bob frequently wears a polo and nice shorts at Lemongrass.

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    Yes, long pants and shirts with a collar for Feathers is required (polo shirts are fine). However I have worn shorts to Lemongrass on all our trips to CSA, up to last summer, so I am not sure about the requirement for long pants there. Anyone else have more recent experience with dress code for Lemongrass? Also, haven't they revised the code for shoes at Feathers in the not too distant past? I seem to recall "dress" sandals being acceptable now.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    You do not have to be in slacks at Lemongrass, only feathers. We ate at Lemongrass 3-4 times and I wore nice shorts, i.e. not super-baggy, 10 pocket capri- men's shorts with a collared shirt, polo and/or golf shirt.

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    Hi, we're due to arrive March 24th. Can't wait! Any restrictions on footwear with shorts for dinner? I usually spend two weeks in flip flops.

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    Flip flops are fine for the beach grill otherwise you should try and class it up a bit. Nicer sandals work fine.

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    You can click on the "Restaurants & Bars" link on the site for the resort you are staying at then click on "Info & Hours" under your restaurant choice and get the dress code for each one there. At CSA the dress code has changed. Collared shirt and slacks for men but dress sandals (not flip flops) are now allowed. I have seen dress shorts (no cut offs, cargo shorts, or weathered shorts) at Lemongrass as they are listed Resort Elegant but still a collared shirt.
    Here is the dress code for Feathers:
    Dress: Elegant casual. Shirts, slacks and closed-toe shoes or dress sandals for the gentlemen and summer dresses for the ladies. No flip flops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, or hats are allowed. Jacket is optional.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll class it up a bit at dinner time by creating a velcro attachment for my flip flops and using cutlery instead of my fingers.

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    I always look at the restaurant and night life at Couples as a "Date Night". The main restaurants are all VERY nice, something to dress up to attend. A ROMANTIC night out.

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    Yep! It's what my husband wears at night except for the night he has to wear pants to Feathers

    Alcraw - LOL!!! The only restaurant that requires closed toe shoes is Feathers.

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    thanks for the Lemongrass clarification. Good to hear. I had read the newer dress code to be dressier (more like Feathers). I have sun dresses for evening at all of the restaurants (just more comfortable for me) and hubby is happy to do nice shorts and a collared shirt. He's not fond of slacks on vacation or in the heat of the Caribbean :-)


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