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    Default Wedding Guest Charge????

    I'm really confused and concerned now. We have been planning our May wedding since last April - we will be getting married at CN. We are going to be doing the "One Love" complementary wedding, and staying for 14 days. We have looked at this website more times than we can count. For the first time today, we noticed that under the description of the different wedding packages, it now says "There is a mandatory $15 per person charge for guests attending your ceremony, as long as they are staying on property. For off-site guests please see information regarding our ceremony or day passes."

    I swear to God we have never seen that little clause there before. This is really upsetting. We are already paying for a 14 day stay. In addition, we are paying for one set of parents to come for a 5 day stay. Then there is an aunt and uncle that are coming for a week. We were also hoping to make a couple friends that would be willing to take some pictures during the ceremony.

    6 people at $15 a head, comes to $90. Just exactly what is that $90 for???? They are not eating anything extra. Not drinking anything extra. They are already resort guests. Just when did this policy get put into place?

    Our wedding plans are already bringing a total of 26 days of bookings to the resort. It seems like this is a nickel and dime type charge. I can guarantee that the resentment a silly charge like this creates will in no way offset the few dollars it will generate.

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    Ok, I may get blasted for this but this has been discussed in a thread below. What's the big deal about 15 dollars pp? You paid the gvt fee, you get the flower cake ,bubbly,photo and tshirts I think. That's a good deal. We got married at csa are doing a vow renewal in April and would not mind paying that if we had guests. I'm not rich either, far from it. They say it's a chair and cake charge. I personally would want chairs for my guests I'm just sayin...I just don't think the charge is unreasonable, sorry. Oh and you are getting the wedding coordinators services and the minister for that free wedding. You should tip him though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    Ok, I may get blasted for this but this has been discussed in a thread below. What's the big deal about 15 dollars pp?
    Softail, I can understand your position - in the grand scheme of things, $15 pp may not be a big deal. However, I think it is a very big deal, just based on the principle. First and foremost - to the best of my knowledge and belief, this policy was not in force or disclosed at the time we made our wedding plans through Couples. If we are wrong on this point, I apologize. If we are right though, I think it is unfair to apply this charge retroactively to people who have already made their plans and bookings.

    Think of it this way - what if you showed up at Couples looking forward to your next week or two in paradise. Upon arrival though you find out that they instituted a new policy. While the resort is still all inclusive, there is now a $2 per meal seating charge to cover the cost of setting the table. It is still free alcohol, but there is now a 50 cent charge per drink to cover the cost of washing the glasses and stocking the bar. In the grand scheme of things, these might not be large charges. Wouldn't you feel angry and cheated though that this policy was snuck in after you made and paid for your booking?

    Also, I do not consider the wedding to be free. It is not any more free than the use of the swimming pools or the glass bottom boat tours. It is an included service that they promote to attract guests. Perhaps not everyone takes advantage of the wedding offer, but that is no different than someone who doesn't use the free scuba diving or any other included service. Whether you use it or not, it is included as part of the vacation you are paying for.

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    We had the same concern, as we are getting married in September at CSA, and emailed Jillian Morrison, one of the Wedding Planners. She stated that the $15 only applies to any wedding guests over the allotted umber of guests for any given package. For example, the One Love package is meant to be just for the bride and groom, so any guests attending will incur the charge. The Tropical package is designed for 10 guests, so the $15 charge will only apply to any guests past #11. I hope this helps.

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    I do think this charge is fairly new as I've read other complaints about it. As I said above, and I'm not positive but I think this fee is a chair and cake charge. I know the bride and groom get cake and bubbly so are you toasting without them imbibing too? I would just call down there and ask what it's for and make your case. We didn't have guests and aren't having any for our renewal so I don't know what they get. Call them and make your case, good luck and have a wonderful wedding day, we sure did.

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    Sirdoug,I agree they certainly aren't free, maybe they should call them "cheaper weddings". It is a small charge but it will add up for them considering in the busy wedding season they will do up to 8 weddings in a day possibly. Not everyone has guests of course. Everything is more expensive and competition is fierce . With the extras I'd bet it's still cheaper than having a wedding at home, and, much prettier too! Have a great day

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    nice,i think i should plan my wedding now!

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    Hello Sirdouglasb12,

    I am so very sorry to read that our policy concerning the surcharge for wedding guests has been so upsetting for you. It has in fact been the policy for well over a year, but was only recently more prominently displayed on our new website. We will be contacting you directly from the wedding department to see how best assist.


    Sharie Gordon
    Customer Relations Manager

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