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    Default kayaking adventure

    I was thinking of kayaking from CN to pirates cove to snorkel in that area. Has anyone ever tried this? My wife says they probably wonít even let us get in the kayak with our fins and masks, just wondering.

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    Sounds like a great idea!
    When are you going?

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    Hello! Where is pirates cove from CN and CSA? We are CSAer's....and we thought about snorkeling on our own (aside from their excursions) via a kayak as well--just around the area--no specific destination. But curious about this pirates cove you speak of! Guess I could Google it, but where's the fun in that...then I don't get to chat with a cool fellow lover of the Couples brand! I had not yet thought of the fact that they might not let you take your snorkeling gear out on the kayak, as we too have our own (I don't like recycle spit from others lol). When are you guys going?

    Have you heard about Booby Cay? It's that little tiny "island" there in Bloody Bay...I'm sure you've seen it cuz you can see it from CSA lol. Apparently you can snorkel there and get a lobster lunch and so on. I learned about it on Trip Advisor. The resorts don't offer excursions there, but from what I've read they Water Sports crew can help arrange something if you are interested. We plan on asking them about on our return trip next year.

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    Canít tell you where I heard it called Pirates Cove, maybe I just imagined it. Itís just past Breezes to the south of CN, not quite to the point, so I guess itís still in the area we are allowed to take water craft. Itís a small cove with a few small caves and the beach is just big enough to drag a kayak out of the water. Iíve seen people snorkel in this area off boats from other resorts so there must be something there worthwhile. We do several of the snorkel trips from CN but figured this would be something a little different. My wife and Iíll be at CN April 30 Ė May 7

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    The guys in the water sports hut don't like it if you go too far away. They like you to stay within eye sight in case you capsize or need help.
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    Plan B: Walk to the fish and bird sanctuary at the north end of Bloody Bay just passed Hotel Riu. Anyone ever snorkel there?

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    I have been there in a kayak from CN. I pulled the kayak up to the rocks and got out and explored and swam in the little cave areas. It is very shallow there. I do not see why you couldn't snorkel around there with your gear. Resort snorkel boats stop very near to it. You are still in the Bloody Bay cove area. I love to go there.

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    I was talking about The Pirate Cove Area. It's really cool and easy to kayak there.

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    "Pirates Cove" throws me as it sounds similar to "Pirates Cave" (former name of area way down by Rockhouse), but if you mean what others call Rutland Point (area on south end of Bloody Bay with a few fort ruins and pretty close to Booby Cay), we've kayaked out there.

    As others have noted, the watersports guys prefer that you remain within sight, but they can see that far. A few years ago a couple we talked to said they not only kayaked out there but "shot through the cave" - meaning they paddled underneath Rutland Point out towards Booby Cay (depends on the tide to do that, I believe).

    Quote Originally Posted by gelmy View Post
    Plan B: Walk to the fish and bird sanctuary at the north end of Bloody Bay just passed Hotel Riu. Anyone ever snorkel there?
    Have never heard of a sanctuary there. Do you mean the Riu closest to CN or the far one? In any case, we've kayaked to the small outcropping near the far Riu that appears in low tide and Hobie Catted (is that a word??) past the north point around to the small beach there (but now it is a development). All might be good places to snorkel, but as always, keep an eye out for jet skis.

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