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    Default Bars @ Couples Negril

    When looking at Couples Negril, it looks as though there is only the pool bar located near the beach. Is this the only location to obtain drinks when at the pool or beach. If so, how good is the service. Do they have quite a few bartenders.

    Do they have anything similar to CSA's Seagrapes for lunch. We really like the vegetarian options and wondered what was available near the beach. Is the grill more like CSA's grill or does the menu address both the grill and those interested in more of a vegetarian flare. We don't typically go into the lunch buffets, so I'm interested in knowing what we can find and possibly eat by the beach.

    How about a nightly walk through the property. Is it large enough to walk off some of the wonderful food. CSA has a lot of paths to stroll around after dinner without going on the beach.

    My husband and I have been going to CSA, since 1996 and are interested in trying out CN but would like to learn a little more before we can be swayed from CSA.

    Thanks for any information the CN repeaters can provide. We greatly appreciate it.

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    There is the swim up bar at the pool, a bar in the Cassava Terrace, a bar at the beach grill, a piano bar, and a bar on the nude beach. There are vegetarian options for lunch at the Cassava Terrace. Plenty of concrete and wooden paths to walk at night...not as many as Swept Away, but you can always repeat if you need to walk for an hour.
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    There are actually a couple other bars, other than the pool bar, open during the day. One at the Beach Grill, and one by Cassava Terrace. These are open for serving guests dining in those restaurants, but they'll also serve anyone who walks up. There's also the Piano Bar that opens up at night.

    We ate at the Beach Grill almost everyday, tried the buffet at Cassava once, but found the Grill more to our liking. Not vegetarian, so I really can't help you there.

    The resort is certainly large enough to get a good walk, if you walk the all the paths on the entire resort. It's just not as big as CSA. The smaller size adds to the charm of the resort though. It's a beautiful property.

    I'd say, venture out! I've only been to CN and CSS so far, but one day would like to see them all!

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    Jamaica 97,

    The pool bar has drinks and there is also a bar at the Heliconia. There is a bar as well as nachos and soft serve ice cream. But the best? They have red flag service. Grab a flag in the morning or they will bring you one, stick it in the sand and the great wait staff will come and take your order. You can relax on the beach and be served drinks. Unfortunately they can't go to the bathroom for you. Enjoy!!

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    There's a bar by the grill too. Close to the beach. There's also flag service.
    Nothing like Seagrape, but they have self serve patties and salad bar with chips and dips - salsa, guac. and sour cream. Better than the grill at CSA IMO.
    Although not as sprawling as CSA, there are paths to walk around the ponds.

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    There is the beach grill/bar which is the only bar we go to during the day (we lounge on that side of the beach) there is also a small self serve sofa machine w/ a few liquors on the beach. My husband really only drinks Appleton & Coke so he loves this! There is also the swim up/pool bar close to the beach you could go to. We never had a problem finding a quick drink.
    Unfortunately there is no Seagrapes like option. This will be what we miss most about CSA on our trip to CN in April. We are not vegetarian so I can't really speak for the options but for lunch you'll have the beach grill which is pretty much exactly like CSA's and the buffet.
    As for walking, CN is smaller but you could definetly find enough paths from one end of the resort to the other to walk at night.
    Maybe you could stay at CSA again and do a trading places for the day to see if you like CN. We've been to both and although we enjoyed CSA we prefer CN.

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    The pool bar is two sided, so you don't have to be in the pool to get service from that bar. They have a few chairs on the outside where you can sit if you don't want to be in the water.
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