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    Default CSS first time scuba diving....

    My Fiance and I will be at CSS in April for our Honeymoon. We plan on going scuba diving (first time for both of us) and I would like to purchase a waterproof camera but I read in another thread that they will not let you bring your camera with you if it is your first time. I just wanted to know if this is true, and if so is there any other way to have pictures taken by the instructors, resort, etc?


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    This was my experience when we went to CSS this last March. The dive master said since it was my first time diving, I couldn't bring it with, because I needed to concentrate on the dive. However, if I had been able to complete that dive, and go on additional dives, I would have been able to bring it with. I still took my camera with when I went snorkeling, and got some neat video, but not the up close stuff you can get while scuba diving.

    I do no know about the dive master or others taking the camera for you. He did not offer to do that for me. I would think they would need to be paying attention to the divers, so they can't have the distraction.

    On a similar note, does anyone have any experience with using a standard video camera in a Dicapac waterproof case/bag? Does this type of case work well when diving, or do you have problems with the water pressure pushing against the camera and buttons?

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    Thank you for that info! That makes sense that the instructors are focused on the divers but I'll still get a camera since you said you were able to take it along snorkeling. I would really like some pictures while scuba diving so we may just end up paying the extra money to go on a second dive....

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    I wasn't able to complete my dive this last time, because my ear wouldn't equalize, so this year, I am going to buy a set of Doc's Pro Plugs. They are like $20 bucks and supposed to make a world of a difference. They also keep the water out of your ears while swimming and snorkeling. The local dive shop in town also said to take some sudafed about an hour or so before you dive, and that will help make it easier to equalize your ears.
    Also, another thing to consider is possibly getting a red filter for your camera. Since the water is so blue, it filters out all the red light, and makes everything a balnd shade of blue when looking at pics or video. The red brings back some of that color, and helps the coral and fish pop out from the background. I am currently looking to see if I can find a filter for my Dicapac.
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    The Dicipac cases are good for snorkeling, but not necessarily rated to the depths you can reach while scuba diving. I think they state they are rated to 33feet, but while scuba diving, you can reach deeper depths, although I'm not sure with the resort course what depth you go to. However, if you think that you might pursue getting certified in diving, you might want to look at a case that can handle deeper depths.
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