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    Default Considering a change???

    So....we have ALWAYS visited CN and LOVED it, with the exception of our last trip. Something was just off. Now, I'm struggling with if we should try CSA or return home to CN. I have been looking at the BFVS and they look fantastic, but I guess I have a few questions. Does CSA have flag service like CN? Do all the restaurants really close down on Friday night, leaving you with only a buffet option (read that on someone's post)? Is Karen Lanigan still at CSA?

    Anyone that has been to both resorts and could make some comparisons for me, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
    Thanks so much!!!

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    Sometimes change is good. We started with CSA. We had a similar feeling the last time we went to CSA. Not really disappointed, but something seemed a little off. Our last trips were to CTI. Going to CTI again in February. We are thinking after our next trip, to try one of the other Couples resorts, most likely CN. I think that the change is good to keep from getting too burned out on one place. The only thing that most likely won't change is that we will always go to one of the Couples resorts as long as we can.

    We haven't been to CSA in a few years. But yes, they will close down all of the restaurants for some of the special nights like the Beach Party. It takes all of their resources to cover these special nights.

    I can tell you that CSA is a lot larger than CN. CSA has the largest beach of any Couples resort. There is also a steady parade of people passing through the beach along the water. People from other resorts, people selling stuff, people playing music hoping for tips, etc. I have heard there are some problems with the Jet-ski vendors, but I think the local government and police are starting to get a handle on this. There is no AN sunbathing at CSA which may or may not be important to you. The nightlife is pretty decent at CSA. I would expect the quality of the service, staff, food, entertainment, etc to be very similar to CN. If you are looking for a change, CSA would be a good choice.

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    Hawkgroup, I've only done a trading places to cn so it wouldn't be fair for me to talk about cn too much but I will say that csa has the green flag service. I have found it to be hit or miss though. With the two beach bars, I usually just get my own rather than wait.
    As far as Karen I've read she is still at csa. If you'd like a video and a few pics of the resort, email me at

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    Oh boy. We feel the same way. We were at CN this past December and it was off. Not horrible by any means.
    BFVS at CSA are our favorite. We are booked to go back there Dec 2014. Flag service, yes. No, all the restaurants are not closed on Fridays. Don't know about Karen.
    The crazy thing is we were at CN in September and it was the best it has ever been!!! How in 3 months can it be so different. I do know the manager that was there in Sept was gone. Ricardo I think was his name. In December we had splurged for the beachfront suite. The AC in the bathroom broke on our first day and we were told it couldn't be fixed till the room was unoccupied. I feel they could have offered us something to make up for it. The beach grill cooks were down right rude some days. It was nearly impossible to book Othaheite (sp). I was told they only have 6 tables per seating for couples. The other tables were for more than 2 guests. Lemongrass was awesome though!!!

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    Curious... what was off? When did you go?
    We went to CSA first for our wedding, then went to CTI then CSS before CN in Dec. What we preferred about CN was the central layout. CSA is more sprawling with more walking to restaurants at each end. CN's deeper beach feels more spacious. But CSA has more palms. Both are great. Try CSA and decide for yourself.

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    We spent our honeymoon at CN and 2nd anniversary at CSA. Loved both but CN is home for us and we'll be back in April. I'm really glad we tried CSA and had a great trip but during our trading places to CN we just knew that was where we'd return. Maybe a little change of pace would be good if you've visited CN many times, you really can't go wrong with either.
    Food was similar but we loved the option of Seagrapes (we will be doing trading places to spend a day at CSA and I will be eating fish tacos at Seagrapes all day!). I think CSA has a little advantage for the beach but we just LOVE the feel at CN and we prefer a smaller intimate resort. We also prefer Lychee at CN over Lemongrass at CSA.
    We never used the flag service so I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure they do. If I remember right there was at least one restaurant open Friday nights. We definitely never went hungry, ever!

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    My wife scared the BeeJeebies out of me when we were talking about our 40th wedding anniversary, she said she wanted a change! Wow! After I picked up my jaw and wondered about her amusement at me, she was referring about going to CSA for our Anniversary in October, instead of CN which we gone to in February the previous 4 years. So in 2012 we went to CN in February and CSA in October. The end result, we love them both, they each have things we like and dislike. In 2013, we went to CSA for our 41st for 6 nights, then moved to CN for 7 nights. In 2014 we will be at CN in 28 days and at CSA in 274 days, so be careful, once you try another, you get hooked, and then you have to go to both. Is good Mon!

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    Thank you all so much for your replies!! I really do appreciate them, and this message board!! I can't really say now what was "off" our last trip to CN. What seemed like a big deal at the time doesn't any more, and we will ALWAYS return to Couples. We have also been to CTI and while there did a day trade to CSS. While we loved both (probably CSS a bit more), the Negril beaches will always call us back!! What I do know is that the last time we were at CN we missed seeing some of the old faces, and someone in upper management scolded a female employee for not tending to me quickly enough at the bar one night. I felt horrible for her (I had done nothing to make it happen). But it sort of made me question if that was why so many of our favorites were leaving??? I asked about Karen Lanigan because we had met her being repeaters and have always respected the way she treated her employees. ;-)
    Thank you again for your info!!!

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